Mar 9, 2007

Mary wants to be a "luthier"

Ok, class, who knows what a "luthier" is? I can hear Jeopardy's theme song playing right now, as the wheels in your heads are turning. I'm about to give you the answer by way of pictures, so scroll down and start guessing.....

I'll give you a hint....the luthier is wearing the green apron

Second hint, it has something to do with violins

And the answer is: A luthier is someone who makes and fixes violins. A month ago, we rented a book from the library on violins. The word, "luthier," kept coming up, sparking Mary's attention. At our next violin lesson, she asked her teacher for more facts about a luthier and wouldn't you know it, her violin teacher was going to see a luthier to have her violin bow re-haired. She invited Mary to come along. We found out many facts such as:

The best kind of horse hair for a bow comes from male Siberian horses.

The best wood to make a bow is grown only on trees in Brazil.

The glue that is used to put violins together is not Elmer's.

A luthier tends to like cats for her pets.

Our luthier was a very, nice lady that allowed us to come into her home and look around her studio. She took a lot of time to answer all of Mary's questions, even the silly ones like, "Did you ever cut yourself with one of those knives?" (for those of you still wondering, the answer is, yes she has, but nothing serious.) As we were getting ready to leave, the luthier took a book off of her shelf, and gave it to Mary. She said, she enjoyed meeting her and wanted her to have it. As I tucked Mary into bed that evening, she was holding her book under her arm. She looked up at me with the biggest grin on her face and said,
"Mommy, I really wish I could be a luthier right now." It was a good day!
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