Sep 11, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Krissy!!!!! Having you for a sister is one of God's greatest gifts in my life. You have always put your all in anything you do whether it's running, teaching, or just being there for us. Your students are so blessed to have you. I know you always talk about them being such an inspiration in your life, but I think if they could talk, they would certainly tell you that you are the inspiration in their lives. Your love, hard work and dedication is reaping eternal rewards. I am so proud of you!!! I love you and miss you like crazy!!!
Have a wonderful day! (and again, dead sorry about mailing the gift late, man)


Well, I might as well update my whole summer since it's been so long since I've posted. Time flies when you're having fun and that's how our summer has been, fun-filled but flying by. We went to family camp in June and had a wonderful, refreshing vacation. It's almost like a family reunion each year we go back. We love going there! The Wilds of New England opened up this year in New Hampshire. So, Matthew went away to camp all by himself. (a big step for mommy!) He is pictured here with his counselor. (and lest you think he fell on his face, that is war paint from the night before) He absolutely loved his time at camp. He and his friends from church all got to room together, so that made it even better. He is growing up so fast and it won't be long before we have a teenager! -sniff-

And speaking of those who are growing up too quickly....We celebrated Dad's 60th birthday this summer! In my mom's words, "He looks pretty stinken good for 60!" I agree! Dad is an ex-marine, so he has always been the picture of fitness. Although Dad has made exercise important in his life, nothing is more important to him than his walk with the Lord. He is an example of
1 Timothy 4:8 and has always "exercised himself unto godliness." Each of one us girls know that our dad loves us beyond belief and each one of us knows that we are "his favorite daughter." :o) -wink, wink Dad, don't worry I know the truth. If we need godly advice our dad is there. He is an example of what a true Godly leader looks like. Dad's birthday was fun day, filled with laughing and family togetherness. Living with all of us girls has rubbed off on Dad. We bought Dad these silly glasses so he could proudly show off his age. And of course he did it to make us laugh.

One of the girls favorite past times this summer has been hitching a ride on the back of Grampy's bike. I came home one day and my mouth fell open. There was our little Annie on the back of his bike. Annie is our shyest and most "non-adventuresome" child. So, this was a shock indeed! She loves her Grampy so if anyone could convince her to get on the bike, he could. (of course, he did bribe her with Oreos to get on) However! no Oreos are needed any more! She loves it!

Emma, waiting for her turn on the bike. (and probably getting an earful of ants)

Joel accomplished a long time goal of his this summer. He finished his first triathalon. It was a 1/2 mile swim, 30 mile bike ride and a 7 1/2 mile run. He loved it and is looking forward to his next triathalon. He is trying to convince me to do one with him next year because it was "so much fun." I might need some more convincing of exactly where the fun was. Let's not forget I was the one standing at the finish line, watching grimacing faces cross over and then collapsing. I do have to admit though that there were some sweet moments. As I stood there and watched teams of people high fiving, encouraging one another, husbands hugging their wives, children cheering for their daddies and holding up posters, even some people that were in their 70's crossing that finish line, I began thinking "yeah, this is cool." So maybe next year, I'll be posting pictures of us together.