Feb 23, 2010

Where are your Training Wheels?

I'm sorry?????...who just went riding past me on her itty bitty bicycle?

Annie? Is that you?

What in the world, Ann! You're riding a two-wheeler with NO training wheels!!!!!!

Hey, Annie...where ya going?

Annie! SLOW DOWN!!!

Cooooooooooooommmme bbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

WATCH OUT! Crazy blonde coming through!

Careful! There's a wall over....


Slow it down, girl! You're gonna give your mamma a heart attack!!

You must be so thirsty after all this riding. Maybe we should go inside for a drink?

No? You're good?

Okey-dokey, then.

Hey, who taught you how to ride that back, anyhow?

Oh, I see.

And here they are...The Pink Posers.

Training wheels.....GONE!

means one thing

my baby.....GONE!

Could somebody please pass me the tissues. I'm having another moment.