Jan 30, 2014

Great Homeschool Convention

So guess what everyone?!  I'm going to be speaking here......

GHC Registration



You there?

I'm a little nervous....alright fine.... I'm A LOT nervous....Like, run away to Joppa with Jonah nervous!!

-Rabbit trail -
Did I ever tell you about the time when I was registering for my college classes, and found out I had to take speech class?  I asked my advisor, "Sooooo, ummm, like,  do you offer any majors that would not require me taking a speech class?"  I stood there nervously wringing my hands.  The advisor stopped writing and stared at me blankly, "Only the two year secretarial program."

"Sold!  Sign me up....I like typewriters."

I can't tell you how bad I want to say "just kidding" after that last story, but I'm afraid it's the dead honest truth.  According to Wikipedia,  I have Glossophobia - fear of public speaking. The word glossophobia comes from the Greek word, blah-blah-glossa-something or other, meaning "tongue and fear or dread."  That! my dear Wikipedian friends, is a massive understatement! Allow me to offer my own definition...

"Glossophobia - you know you've got it when, three nights in the belly of a whale looks like a five star hotel."

I'll be in Greenville, SC at the TD Center on Friday, March 21st.  The session starts at 8:30 am
(Bring me coffee!)