Oct 26, 2011

Mikey's 10! (and I can't handle it)

One decade ago today, this sweet, little baby was added to the family.

As I look at this picture, there are several things to note.
1. Mary genuinely believes that she just delivered this baby, and is now the proud, new mommy.

2. Matt is absolutely convinced that no box of legos could ever surpass this gift that had just been handed to him. (well, unless it was the entire Galactic Empire Star Wars set)

Mikey is ten years old today!  Just typing that last sentence makes me want to drop to the floor in a heap of tears and scream, "Give me my baby back!"  That went by way too fast!  These boyhood years will turn into teen years, then college years and then....(uuuut! I'm gonna do it....I'm gonna drop to the floor in a heap of tears again!)  Too much of my mothering has been spent wishing things away:

"I wish he could reach out and grab that rattle"
"I wish he could crawl."
"I wish he would walk."
"I wish he could tie his own shoes."
"I wish he could climb in the car seat and buckle himself."
"I wish he could put his snow clothes on."
"I wish he would match his clothes."
(Right now, I am wishing that I could crawl inside that black and white picture up there, and hold that baby!)

This is my "baby" now......

In a few years, I'll be wishing to play soccer with this little boy...big boy.  I refuse to wish away anything else!  I've wished for far too much already, and have gotten it.  

And besides, if you try to steal from the past, and make it today.......

                It's just weird....and not near as cute.

Tonight, we will celebrate by taking our big 10 year old to the restaurant of his choice.  "So, Mikey...What's it going to be?  Mexican?  Chinese?  Italian?  Olive Garden has the best food, ya know! And totally awesome breadsticks!" (fingers crossed.)

"Wendy's." he said matter of factly.

"Wendy's?  As in the place that sells french fries and frostys?"

"YEAH! That place is awesome! Grammy took me there once."

 So, Wendy's it is. (Thanks, Mom -Why couldn't you have taken him to Olive Garden?)

 Look what this big boy is doing now!  

Joel did have to assist with pushing the chair down on the lawnmower.  Apparently, it has a weight limit, and our soccer player has not met the "weight requirements" that alerts the lawnmower's computer brain that there is indeed a man operating it.  Because of this, the lawnmower kept shutting off.  (That's an extra large Frosty for you tonight, Mike! --make that two!)

 Mikey Aaaaaa-dores his cousin, Josh, with a capital A!  Josh is 18 and college bound.  (ut! tissues please....tissues!)  I call Josh "Six Flags on legs" because the kids LOVE him, and he's a blast to be around!   --See what I mean?

Mikey had one request for his birthday (that he put in about mid-Julyish)  "Could Josh sleep over for my birthday?"  Knowing that this was Josh's senior year, and all the busyness he had going on with soccer games and his social life, I just answered with, "We'll see."  As Trish and I were chatting on the phone one day, I told her about my conversation with Mikey. "Oh he'd love to, Beck!  We'll make it happen."

So, this past weekend, Mikey's birthday dream came true....

Josh + a box of legos + the Wii game, "Just Dance" 
"Jackie Chan, The Kung-Fu Master"  +  junkfood  =  

The Best Birthday this 10 year old kid could ever dream of!

As quickly as the sun tucks behind that mountain each night, I feel like you are turning into a young man.  I am enjoying every minute being your mom.  You brought a new love into our family the day you were born.  I will never forget Matt and Mary plowing into that hospital room, all out of breath, and out of their mind with excitement to see you! Mary "mothered," while Matt "protected" you.  It was a beautiful thing to watch! (still is) There were many times that we would stand outside your bedroom door, and listen to Matt talk to you. He would bring you toys, as you stood hanging onto your crib for dear life.  Your giggles from the swing in the corner of our little dining room would make us all stop what we were doing, and immediately run to you and try our "stand up comedy."  We just loved hearing you laugh.  The most hysterical giggles came when Matt or Mary would pop up and scare you.  

At this moment, you and Matt are building a tree fort together...memories still being made.  Although scaring you is not so funny to you any more, the never-ending bond between you and your siblings is still  there.  Now, we get to see you play the role of  "big protective brother." I love the way you care about your sisters.  I love the way you defend them.  I love the way, you took care of Annie when she fell off her bike.  I love the way you look up to your brother and daddy.  I love the sweet tenderness of your heart to give anything you have away... even if it's your last piece of candy.  I will never forget the first time you shared a verse with all of us that you read. With your bottom lip quivering, you told us that you were sorry for losing your temper that morning.  These are the moments that I have sealed forever in my heart.  I treasure them.  We are blessed to call you, "our son."  Today, I am thanking God once again for allowing us to be your parents!

I look forward to watching you grow up...but please! don't do it so quickly! You've already learned to  crawl, walk, talk, get in and out of the car, as well as put your snowsuit on...You can even mow the lawn!  The next 10 years, you will be driving, getting a job, staying up late talking to daddy about life, going to college and perhaps finding the girl of your dreams?  The only thing that I wish for   pray for, is that you will grow up loving God with all your heart, soul and mind.

Words could never express how much we all love you!   You are the joy and laughter of our family! 
Happy Birthday, precious boy!
We love you!