Jun 29, 2009

Family Camp '09

Boy, did that week go by fast!

We just got home from family camp. It seemed like as soon as we unpacked, it was time to pack it all up again and head home. We love going there! This year was our 7th year. The first year we went, Mikey was a chubby, bouncy baby in a stroller. Now, he's a string bean, riding his two-wheeler all over camp, shooting the girls that went by.

It was wonderful to reunite with our friends and catch up on stories.

I think I've mentioned this before, but our family grew up with these girls....excuse me, "ladies." As a matter of fact, when we were little, my parents took us to family camp. We have such great memories of our childhood. Now, we're the moms, and our children are playing together.

Here is little Enzo, Mariano and Becky's baby. Hasn't he grown up so much? His mommy and daddy are speaking to him in English and Spanish, because they are headed to the mission field of Uruguay. It's amazing how much he knows already. The girls LOVED spending time with him. One afternoon, Emma took him for a little walk. I think she enjoyed pushing a real baby in a stroller, instead of her dollies.

We sat together at meal time, and every time, Mary came close to Enzo's highchair, he would lean over for a hug. -such a loveable little guy!

Mary and her friend were the "camp babysitters." They loved it....so did the moms!

Joel and I had the privilege of heading up the teen program at camp. These kids were 8, 9 and 10 years old when we first came to camp. Now, here they are...all grown up!

We really enjoyed our time with them. Joel went through some rough teenage years. He turned his back on God and thought he'd try life without Him. Those were some of the darkest and lonliest years of his life. Because of that, anytime he can use his testimony to bring glory to God, he is ready and willing. We're thankful that this ministry gave him the opportunity to share with these kids some of his struggles and give them hope from the Word of God.

For Matt, this week was more than just "a fun vacation." His dream became a reality...My little "pilot wanna-be" got to fly.

My friend's husband flew in one day to visit her, and offered to take Matt up in his plane. If only you could have seen his face! His eyes were twinkling. Every day, he flies planes on his computer, but this was the real deal!
He even let Matt fly the plane for a bit.

As Brent took off for home, Matt stood there in amazement and watched until the plane disappeared into the sky.

On our way back to camp, he said, "Mom, that was the happiest day of my life."

And now, onto my dare-devil...See this little girly-girl in the black and white dress?

Do NOT dare her to do anything! Emma decided to take a trip down the water slide. This isn't just any water slide. It's a crazy, "I think I'm gonna die" waterslide. Last year, I went down once and only once! When I was asked, "Are you going to go down again?" I said, "I would rather have five more children." -and I meant it! When you first get on the slide, it seems slow. Usually, you need to nudge yourself along to get going. THEN, you hit a steep part, and that's when you think you're gonna die. I took several short videos of Emma going down and giggled my head off. Here they are:

Sorry about my constant giggles, but I simply could not help myself. She went down that slide four times and it just got funnier each time.

We had a wonderful vacation! Dreams were fulfilled, fears were conquered, and lives were changed...you can't get much more action packed than that!

Jun 16, 2009

They're gonna eat me!!!!!

You already know from previous posts, that Matthew is our outdoors man. From sun up to sun down, he is outside hunting. Yesterday, was the KING of all captures!

If you are scared of snakes, now would be the time to click outta here. -Mom, leave.

For the rest of you, don't say I didn't warn you....

His first capture was this garter snake:

Ooooooo, soooo creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

Second was this rat snake:

YUCK-is your heart pounding?

And lastly, a warty toad:

It's just plain wrong to be this ugly!!!

This is the biggest pile of reptile/amphibian grossness I have ever seen!

On Sunday afternoon, my husband was outside doing yard work when he came across the meanest, most aggressive rat snake we've seen, yet. -knock on wood...ALL OF YOU KNOCK ON WOOD!! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU...KNOCK ON WOOD!!

And since my little outdoorsman wasn't here, I had to capture it on camera for him. Let me start by telling you that I have an enormous fear of snakes, however in order to earn my "cool mom of boys" badge, I was willing to lay that aside for the sake of some awesome footage. Well, I mean I did my best to lay it aside.

*WARNING* Do not click play if you:

a) are squeamish over reptiles
b) get annoyed with heavy breathing and screaming
c) or, if you have a pace maker.

Are you ready for this?

-is your heart pounding as hard as mine?

OH HAVE MERCY! I can't stand it any longer!

"Ok just stay calm...beeeeeeeee calm, Becky."

-In through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose, out through the mouth---deep sigh---

Here goes.....

click on the arrow...

If you are experiencing shortness of breath, please seek medical attention!!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to seek medical attention and then go play dolls with my daughters.

Jun 15, 2009

School's Out

Sorry it's been quiet here on the blog. It certainly hasn't been quiet in our home. Our first piece of news is.....WE'RE DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!

We had our annual end of the school year party last week. Our menu consisted of: pizza and chocolate chip cookies. What better way to end an educational year than with total junk?!

I'm pleased to announce the grades that everyone will be moving into.

Did you all do the same thing I did when I took one look at this sign? "WHAT??? Matthew and Mary are going into 6th grade!!! Did I figure that out right?? They are at the half way point of their schooling!!" I can't believe it. This year will be my 6th year of homeschool. In some ways, it's gone by fast. In other ways, it hasn't. :o) But overall, we have enjoyed this journey.

(I hope you noticed Annie's certificate. She was standing there just as proud as could be that she has joined the ranks of "school aged children." We'll need to go over few things to help her gain popularity around here. )

Next up for announcements is this.....

Look who came home?!!

And so the bikes begin the trek up and down the driveway to Grampy and Grammy's house. Everyone is so happy to have them home! We've got a summer packed full of fun.

The morning after our last day of school, all the kids had breakfast on the deck. It's so sweet to watch them. There is no denying the closeness they share.

I know that they will always have their ups and downs with each other, but it's forgiveness and love that keeps our bond close to each other and most importantly, with the Lord.

Proverbs 17:27 "He who restrains his words has knowledge"

Proverbs 18:6 "A fool's lips bring strife"

Good verses to think about as we talk to one another today.

Hebrews 3: 13 "But encourage one another day after day"