Jun 15, 2009

School's Out

Sorry it's been quiet here on the blog. It certainly hasn't been quiet in our home. Our first piece of news is.....WE'RE DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!

We had our annual end of the school year party last week. Our menu consisted of: pizza and chocolate chip cookies. What better way to end an educational year than with total junk?!

I'm pleased to announce the grades that everyone will be moving into.

Did you all do the same thing I did when I took one look at this sign? "WHAT??? Matthew and Mary are going into 6th grade!!! Did I figure that out right?? They are at the half way point of their schooling!!" I can't believe it. This year will be my 6th year of homeschool. In some ways, it's gone by fast. In other ways, it hasn't. :o) But overall, we have enjoyed this journey.

(I hope you noticed Annie's certificate. She was standing there just as proud as could be that she has joined the ranks of "school aged children." We'll need to go over few things to help her gain popularity around here. )

Next up for announcements is this.....

Look who came home?!!

And so the bikes begin the trek up and down the driveway to Grampy and Grammy's house. Everyone is so happy to have them home! We've got a summer packed full of fun.

The morning after our last day of school, all the kids had breakfast on the deck. It's so sweet to watch them. There is no denying the closeness they share.

I know that they will always have their ups and downs with each other, but it's forgiveness and love that keeps our bond close to each other and most importantly, with the Lord.

Proverbs 17:27 "He who restrains his words has knowledge"

Proverbs 18:6 "A fool's lips bring strife"

Good verses to think about as we talk to one another today.

Hebrews 3: 13 "But encourage one another day after day"


Kris said...

Congrats, kids!! You all did a great job this year. Annie, ummmmm, no offense I'm hoping you're going into Pre-K with a teachable spirit. Ha ha--so funny!

Trish said...

Whoooo--hooooooo! No more school! Let's party--when can you come over swimming?

Love the sign in the background--no more "teachers dirty looks!" LOL--sooo funny!