May 31, 2009

The Horse Whisperer

Meet our horse lover.

Mary looks forward to our time at the equestrian center for her "job."

Her job description is as follows:

-brush the horses

-help the teacher set up and take down jumps

-feed yummies to the horsies

-pet 'em like nutty

She knows most of them by their name.

You absolutely can not pass through this little horsey lane without getting some "cat calls" from these guys....

"Howz about a kiss, baby?"

"Back off Kodak, she wants these hot, green lips."

-yeah, this guy was a little hyper.

She could spend hours upon hours here. When it's time to go, I have to put a lead rope on her and drag her away. :o)

You know the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand word?"

I have nothing left to say. :o)


Mama said...

Did you know that Kodak has Mickey MOUSE on his nose? : ) The last picture of Mary reminds me of the movie "National Velvet". Old-but classic movie. I think she would like it. We'll rent it someday and watch it.
The best part of the job description? Pet the horses like that she gets to hang at the stables. A little girl's dream! Awesome how the Lord worked that out!

DeAnna said...

GREAT pictures! I love the one with her back toward you as she is standing on the fence. What fun! I would have loved to do this as a little girl and Isabella would love it to. I love the "pet the horses like nutty" job description too. :)

Becky said...

It IS MICKEY MOUSE on Kodak's nose!!! Only a "mousekateer" would notice that.

Kris said...

Oh ho ho hoooooo--that last picture just makes me smile. It is adorable!!
And by ALL means, please keep my Mare Mare away from that horse with ADD. Yikes- he looks like he belong on the outback of Australia.

Trish said...

Beautiful pictures! So she's the official horse brusher--love it. What a fun place to visit. She has always loved horses. As far as horse kisses. . . . .well, I'll just stick to dogs. :) Looks like you guys had a fun day.

Mary said...

Its so much fun to see the horses!