May 1, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Admit it! You're all singing the ending song on Mary Poppins, right now.

Meet our friends...
You thought we had 5 children, but really we have 8. We have a lot of fun with these sweet kiddos.Happy Birthday, Sam!

The last time they were over, the kids took off outside to fly their kites. The boys were having kite wars. The goal was to get their lines to cross and bring down the other guy's kite.

Total boy heaven!

Well....maybe not TOTAL

I did have to tell them that they could NOT tie a chipmunk to the end of their kite.

-what I'm not telling you is that I suggested it as a joke. -Sorry Tam! :o)


good_to_be_home said...

Looks like fun! I need to get a kite for my boys....
Happy Weekend! ~Shanda

Krissy said...

Wowwwwwww--Those are some gorgeous kites (and kids!) Looks like so much fun. Happy Birthday to Sam. Hope you had fun celebrating.

Becky said...

I bet they'd love having kite wars, Shanda. Anything with the word, "war" in it is a hit over here. I think if Barbie started a war, they might play....uhhhm, maybe not.

Kris, that little Sam is so cute! He and Mikey are total goof balls when they're together. He took Mikey with him to the circus for his birthday. I told Mikey to make sure not to steal the show from the clowns, and a mother's biggest worry....DO NOT step in any elephant poo or you'll get lost!!

mama said...

The black and white pic looks like something from the 1940's to me. It's wonderful!

Your house is a beautiful place to fly kites. Lots of sky and wind and... no trees.

Trish said...

Cooooool Kites!! You're lucky you don't have to worry about power lines like we do!

That was a great day to fly kites, too. Where'd you find them??