Oct 27, 2009

The story of Mikey

See this little guy holding up the tree?

He just turned 8 yesterday.

See this little binky faced boy?

The binkies have been traded in.

-deep sigh- sometimes I long for the binky days...

My precious Mikey,
When you were first placed in my arms, you were named "Adam James." After looking at you and cradling you for 24 hours, "Adam" didn't quite fit you. Daddy always loved the name Michael, and I loved the name, Adam. The day after you were born, your name was changed to Michael Adam. We immediately started calling you "Mikey." Mary bossed us all around like she was in charge of you. She thought that you belonged to her. One Sunday when I went to pick you and Mary up from the church nursery, Mary was in a mood. When I got her into the car and asked what was wrong, she said, "Doze yadies were holding MY baby." I said, "Mary, those ladies are helping Mommy. They're taking care of your brother so I can sit in church with Daddy." She was quiet for a second. "I don't yike it."

Shortly after you came home, it became obvious that we were all holding you ENTIRELY WAY TOO MUCH. If you were awake, you wanted to be held. Putting you down for the night was nearly impossible. I can remember feeling exhausted after chasing around Matt and Mary the entire day. All I wanted was to go to sleep, and all you wanted was for me to hold you. So, I took the sweatshirt that I had been wearing that day, and wrapped you up like a caterpillar in a cocoon. I laid you in the bassinet.
-That was the first night you slept for 6 hours straight.

One of your first words was, "Ball!" You were absolutely obsessed with them! One time, I heard a loud crack across the wood floor. I came running to see what had happened....just in time to see one of Daddy's golf balls roll by.

I remember walking in the grocery store, proudly pushing you in the cart. Upon entering the produce section, your eyes grew as wide as saucers and with that big booming voice of yours, you yelled, "BALL!!!!!!" There in front of you was a sea of apples, oranges,grapefruit and watermelons. And as we passed by, you had to call out to each and every one. "BALL!!!!" "BALL!!!!!" "BALL!!!" It got louder each time. I remember leaning down and through my giggles, I tried to "shush" you. You arched yourself around me...."BALL!!!" Off to the meat section we went.

Taking you to Mary's tennis lesson wasn't working out so well, either.

For the most part you were an easy child, except for the minor run in with the police officer. -but that wasn't your fault. You were locked in the car by your sister.

However, emptying the entire contents of the Buzz Lightyear bubble bath....THAT was your fault!

Then there was that little issue with the dog bones. You were ALWAYS getting into that container!!!!

And it wasn't for the dogs either!

Another constant temptation for you was to NOT push Emma in her "johnny jumper" to state of Maine.

The other "problems" were just your typical boy antics....like locking Matt, Mary and your pregnant mother in the basement. (had to call the neighbor for that one)

Did I say "typical boy antics?" ..... I take that back.

I hope you've got all those crazy things worked out. :o) I love you, my funny guy! Lately, it seems that whoopie cushions, legos and GI Joes keep you amused.

You are a loving, caring and protective brother, Mikey! You've always taken wonderful care of your sisters.

And your love was there, even though it wasn't always returned.

When Annie was sick last week, you made her feel better.

And when she was watching you play soccer on that chilly evening, you took care of her again.

and again...

making sure every bit of her was toasty warm...

I think it makes you happy to help others.

That sure does make God happy. When you live your life for Him, you will find true happiness and peace that only He can give you. Trust Him with your whole heart, and He will direct each step of your life. There are so many obstacles in this world that will attempt to take you away from that goal.

Oh Mikey, some day you will grow up, and as I look over these pictures, it's happening much faster than I would like. Daddy and I will be here to help guide you through life. We promise to pray for you. We will not do everything right, but you have a perfect, all holy, patient, full of grace, full of mercy, protecting, all knowing, all forgiving, all loving, Heavenly Father who will NEVER let you down. Love Him...love Him with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.

How thankful I am that God created you, and then let Daddy and I take care of you. You are our Sunshine boy!

I love you, Sweetheart!

Oct 3, 2009

Homeschool Quiz

You know you're a homeschooler when your husband asks a question at the dinner table and two of your children raise their hands. Homeschooling is a topic that makes us all think of jean jumpers, long hair to the waist, no make up and weird, unsocialized, robotic children. I homeschool, however....

1. I got rid of my jean jumper in 1984.
2. Third grade was the last time I had hair to my waist.
3. Makeup is my friend.
4. Unsocialized, robotic children are indeed strange.

There are pros and cons to homeschooling. The biggest pro is that I get to be involved in our children's day to day activities. The con would be that I get to be involved in our children's day to day activities...leaving very little room to go out with another mom for a cup of coffee.

Since it's Friday, and since I've got no one to drink coffee with tomorrow, I thought I'd spring a "pop quiz" on ya. The first person to accurately answer all three questions will win, and win big! I don't fool around. The prize for the Homeschool Pop quiz will be.... drumroll, please....... a cup of coffee with me!!! (if you don't drink coffee, pretend you do. I need grown up conversation!)

PLEASE, form a single line, people. -No shoving, pushing, kicking, pinching or tackling.

Are you ready? -cue Jeopardy music-

On your... keyboard,

Get set,


1. What year did the War of 1812 begin? I'll repeat it for those of you who did just as poorly as I did in History class in 9th grade...what year did the War of 1812 begin?

2. Answer this question

3. Identify these famous people

End of Quiz

*I will anxiously be hitting my refresh button to see who the winner is!

How to wake a Groggy Child

Good Morning, Baby!


I like those slippers. They're hot.

Ohhhhhhh Annnnnnnnniiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

How 'bout some pancakes?

Yup, works everytime.

Oct 1, 2009

Our Family Musical

Do you like singing and dancing?

Do you love listening to children practice their instruments over and over again until your eyes are blood shot and you're drooling uncontrollably?

Have you had a day void of stress and problems?

Are you headache free?
If you've answered "yes" to the following questions, than you are in the right frame of mind to click "play."

If you answered "no," go take a bubble bath, and never return here again....ever.

PS Save me some bubbles! -I beg of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!