Oct 1, 2009

Our Family Musical

Do you like singing and dancing?

Do you love listening to children practice their instruments over and over again until your eyes are blood shot and you're drooling uncontrollably?

Have you had a day void of stress and problems?

Are you headache free?
If you've answered "yes" to the following questions, than you are in the right frame of mind to click "play."

If you answered "no," go take a bubble bath, and never return here again....ever.

PS Save me some bubbles! -I beg of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Still Laughing said...

I half expected you to come bursting through the red curtain to take a bow for yourself at the end there.

LOL Those children are hilarious...crickets very very funny

You are nuts!

Becky said...

I was going to come bursting out from behind the curtains to take a bow, only I couldn't find the little opening to get out! -hate it when that happens.

Allie said...

I remember when Matt was laughing while he was playing with Mary and Miss Merrilan. That was funny! I couldn't stop laughing either.

Becky said...

that's right, Allie! You were right next to me! Next time, let's see if we can get him to cry, then we'll scare him, then make him angry.... :o)