May 13, 2009

Annie and the dentist

Annie went to the dentist for the first time.

Yeah...didn't go so well.

So, in rebellion against the hygienist for ruining Annie's day, we went to the store and bought lollipops to rot out the teeth...

Then off to work to get a hug from Daddy and Uncle Mike.
It ended up being a good day.


krissy said...

Awwwww! Poor sugar. "Mr. Shower" and "Mr. Buzzer" didn't fool her, eh? Let's just stop fooling ourselves. Those stupid pseudo-names don't work with anyone. Ummmmm, just cuz you call it something that sounds friendly enough, Doc, does NOT mean I don't feel the hole you are drilling through a part of my body connected to thousands of nerve endings.

good_to_be_home said...

She has such pretty hair.

I'm glad you are taking her to the dentist. I didn't take Jacob until he was 4 and already had a cavity. Now, even Caleb gets his teeth cleaned at the dentist. It's so funny to see him in that big chair.
And the lollipops make any child smile!

Liz said...

A lolipop makes everything better!

Becky said...

my thoughts exactly, Liz. Thanks for backing me up on the lollipops.

Shanda, you are so right! Nothing cuter than a little body in that big dentist chair. The only thing not cute about our experience was that I had to put my not so little body in the chair first, and then hold Miss Grouchy.

"Mr. Sewing Machine" wants you to make another royal blue skirt with lace.

Trish said...

Uhh, Krissy---it's Mr. Thirsty and Mr. (uh oh) I forget. . . . . . Mr. Sucky? Help me out, Beck.

Becky said...

Mr. Thirsty and Mr. Sucky are the same guy. :o)