May 18, 2009

GROSS! No really, I mean it this time!

Flowers are blooming.

Grass is growing.

Bikes are cruising up and down the driveway.

And Matthew is hunting.

Before you start singing with the birds and thinking that this is just another "fairy tales can come true" post, keep reading...

When I clicked "upload," this picture became as big as life on my computer screen! I yelled, "EWWWWWW!" so loud that Joel came to see what had alarmed me so terribly. My toes were curled and my legs raised under this desk! I can't even stand to look at these things.

"What's in there?" you may ask.

Remember I risk my life to bring you the news around here. So, just for you, here goes....

Soooo creepy! I hate 'em. I really do.

Just look at those eyes.

As soon as Matthew captured him, he came running inside to retrieve a book. He had to read about his habitat, his diet, his favorite music. -ok not the last one.

Matthew learns the best when he is out there..."one with nature. " He read that garter snakes like small toads.

So, off he went to find some poor, innocent, little baby toads. It wasn't long before he found not one, but two. -Double the death, double the snack, double chin for Mr. Snake. When he dropped the first toad in, the snake wasted no time. He lunged at the toad, and lapped him up. Then he burped and said, "Thankssssssssssssss." -just a little snake humor there for ya. The sick thing was every time the snake's tongue went out, you could see little, toady remnants on it. -ohh, gag. I'm gagging myself. (Sorry, Mom.) We didn't actually see him eat the second one, but let's just say that the other little guy went m.i.a.

After all that death, Matt laid down next to the cage, and watched the bulge in the snake's belly move down his long disgusting, slithery body. He wanted to watch the toad digest. -So morbid....and, so boy!
So long. I successfully grossed myself out with this one.


Trish said...

Ok, this post just brings me back 10 years and makes me laugh so hard. You are so right and SO BOY! I remember when Josh would sit by the rose bushes and wait for the beauties to come out from under the barn. GAG ME!!

Unfortunately, Beck, he's hooked--get him a lizard so he can feed it poor innocent mice on a regular basis. I got so sad about it--I finally made him buy the mice with his own money. (Josh liked to feed the "live" ones to his lizard!) Yucky and mean! :)

maya said...

I think it is okay to hate snakes because they are cursed.

Becky said...

Thank you, Maya! I wish you a happy, snakefree life with your two sons.

Mamma said...

Matty is awesome...sort of...tell him to keep his "captures" in his own yard. Ahem, where was I? Most kids catch things, throw grass in the container and they die of starvation or escape. Matty does the research! He hunts, catches, then hunts food for his catch! How cool is that? Not to mention the education. He found the answers for himself. - Awesome.

(I would DIE if that thing came anywhere near me.)

Mary said...

I don't know why everybody hates snakes.

DeAnna said...

Did your Mary actually say why does everyone hate snakes?? Oh no, her older brother is wearing off on her. :) I would say that having 2 girls I will not experience this, but I'm not so sure about my Isabella. Right now she wouldn't want to catch a snake but every other creepy crawly thing seems to be ok in her book.

Kris said...

Yes, I'm going to have to agree with all of you ladies (with the exception of Mary). Snakes are gross and scary particularly because they are so fast.