Jun 16, 2009

They're gonna eat me!!!!!

You already know from previous posts, that Matthew is our outdoors man. From sun up to sun down, he is outside hunting. Yesterday, was the KING of all captures!

If you are scared of snakes, now would be the time to click outta here. -Mom, leave.

For the rest of you, don't say I didn't warn you....

His first capture was this garter snake:

Ooooooo, soooo creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

Second was this rat snake:

YUCK-is your heart pounding?

And lastly, a warty toad:

It's just plain wrong to be this ugly!!!

This is the biggest pile of reptile/amphibian grossness I have ever seen!

On Sunday afternoon, my husband was outside doing yard work when he came across the meanest, most aggressive rat snake we've seen, yet. -knock on wood...ALL OF YOU KNOCK ON WOOD!! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU...KNOCK ON WOOD!!

And since my little outdoorsman wasn't here, I had to capture it on camera for him. Let me start by telling you that I have an enormous fear of snakes, however in order to earn my "cool mom of boys" badge, I was willing to lay that aside for the sake of some awesome footage. Well, I mean I did my best to lay it aside.

*WARNING* Do not click play if you:

a) are squeamish over reptiles
b) get annoyed with heavy breathing and screaming
c) or, if you have a pace maker.

Are you ready for this?

-is your heart pounding as hard as mine?

OH HAVE MERCY! I can't stand it any longer!

"Ok just stay calm...beeeeeeeee calm, Becky."

-In through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose, out through the mouth---deep sigh---

Here goes.....

click on the arrow...

If you are experiencing shortness of breath, please seek medical attention!!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to seek medical attention and then go play dolls with my daughters.


Liz said...

Isaac's comment to me in the middle of it was, "Is Auntie Becky scared?" I guess the line coming out of Auntie Becky's mouth over and over again of, "I am scared" gave it away!
I laughed the hardest over the painted toes comment. At the point your toes came into the camera I said to myself, "Oh, her toes look good!" I kid you not.

annie01301 said...

ok this blog made my day! I love the end!

Kris said...

This might just be the funniest thing I've seen all year.

Kris said...

I think my favorite part was when you say "I'm not screaming." and Matty says (in classic Yoga phraseology) "You will. . . " and then the snake comes out of the Rubbermaid container (consequently, is that MINE? I believe I may have had some old high school memorabilia stored in that thing, thank you very much. You can keep it). And then you run away screaming at the top of your lungs.

Liz said...

So, I think that the "cool mom of boys" badge means that you cant be screaming! Better luck next time!
You do however get the coolest cousin award b/c I think that you and John would be the only ones to get that close!
Love you and see you guys soon. We move next week!!

Trish said...

Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh! I can't believe you got that close to it. . . . .Ahhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh. . . . .

I am thoroughly CREEPED out and may never visit again.

(But, loving the song at the end)