Jan 30, 2014

Great Homeschool Convention

So guess what everyone?!  I'm going to be speaking here......

GHC Registration



You there?

I'm a little nervous....alright fine.... I'm A LOT nervous....Like, run away to Joppa with Jonah nervous!!

-Rabbit trail -
Did I ever tell you about the time when I was registering for my college classes, and found out I had to take speech class?  I asked my advisor, "Sooooo, ummm, like,  do you offer any majors that would not require me taking a speech class?"  I stood there nervously wringing my hands.  The advisor stopped writing and stared at me blankly, "Only the two year secretarial program."

"Sold!  Sign me up....I like typewriters."

I can't tell you how bad I want to say "just kidding" after that last story, but I'm afraid it's the dead honest truth.  According to Wikipedia,  I have Glossophobia - fear of public speaking. The word glossophobia comes from the Greek word, blah-blah-glossa-something or other, meaning "tongue and fear or dread."  That! my dear Wikipedian friends, is a massive understatement! Allow me to offer my own definition...

"Glossophobia - you know you've got it when, three nights in the belly of a whale looks like a five star hotel."

I'll be in Greenville, SC at the TD Center on Friday, March 21st.  The session starts at 8:30 am
(Bring me coffee!)


Kristine said...

RIght on! I'll be there! Don't be nervous. In the words of Marcia Brady, "just picture everyone sitting there in their underwear."
Oh wait a minute. Everyone EXCEPT me, that is...
And if you absolutely can't help yourself, just picture me about 20 lbs. thinner. ;)

Stephany Hennings said...

I'm so sad I don't get to be in your session. We will be attending but won't arrive until midday on Friday. That stinks! Well...I pray that the Lord will calm your nerves. I'm certain you'll do well. I'm new to blogging...way new and 2nd year homeschooling. Following your blog now. :)

Becky said...

Krissy, thanks for the advice. The nervousness will now be replaced with the junior high giggles.

Becky said...

Thank you, Stephany. :0) Stop by my booth. I'd love to meet you.