Feb 6, 2014

"Losing it" isn't always a bad thing

Jesus said, "He that loses his life will gain it." I read the words over and over again.  How do I purposefully lose something?  Our little Emma sat next to me as I read my Bible. My mind began whirling in a million different directions, trying to make sense of what I just read.


She looked up at me wide-eyed.

"How do I lose something?"

"You lost something?" she questioned.

"No, I didn't lose it, but I want to."

"Well," she said matter of factly, "whenever I lose something, I just put it behind me, and don't think about it."

So simple, yet so profound.

Put it behind you. Look ahead.  Lose your life, and find the life that Christ meant for you to live.

PS  If you'd like Emma to speak at your church, please contact me. :o)


N's loving parents said...

YES!! I want to die to myself so that He can fill me up! I struggle with this so much.

How lovely this is! :)


Auntie Krissy said...

Emma is an old soul.