May 9, 2012

Car Wash

Why is washing a car so much fun, but washing dishes is boring?

Maybe I should just bring my pots and pans outside?


Trish said...

Can I bring my dishes over too, Emma??
Auntie Trish :)

amber said...

yes! there's just something far more exciting about soap suds and water OUTSIDE than in.. i think it has to do with the mess of it all! i kinda enjoy it myself. ;)

not a bad idea to take the pots and pans out as well.. we might have to just do that next time.

hope you enjoy the last weeks of summer. it's just gone way too fast this year!!

Becky said...

I agree Amber. It's fun to make a mess that results in clean. -sort of the story of my life. Thanks for coming over for a visit. :0)