May 8, 2012

Two Things I thought I'd Never Say

 "Boys, take the underwear off the dog and get to History."


Annie - "PEEE-U!!! The dog just 'fawted'!!!"

Me - "How do you know?"

Annie - "B,b,b,be-because I just smelled his butt, and IT STINKS!!!!"

Me- "Annie get off the ground, AND don't EVER smell the dog's butt again!!   Let's eat lunch."

Just another typical homeschooling day here.  -It's ok. I'm alright...really.


Mr Belding said...

See Kris? It works. Just click on the the circle that says, "Name/URL" and put in whatever name you'd like, my dear.

Rocky said...

Leave me alone. I have gas, ok?

Kristine, your techno challenged sister said...

All I wanted to say was--
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now that is funny!

Anonymous said...

this is too funny! the dog is so cute!

Trish said...

LOL! Funny thing is that this picture of the dog somehow got stuck in my computer a while ago--so when I send emails it would automatically attach. :) Haha! Finally figured out how to get it off! So cute!