Nov 6, 2006


I just wanted to share something that I just read because it was so encouraging. I haven't been feeling too well for the last several days. I've been sick, weak and exhausted. This morning, I sat down to read the Bible and quietly whispered, "Lord, please give me something. I'm so tired and so exhausted and I don't even know how to ask for help." Then, I "just happened" to open my Bible to Luke 18:1. It says, "Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart." I guess you could say that I've "lost heart." I haven't been talking to the Lord like I know I should and I've completely worn myself out trying do everything on my own. In my stupidness, I've even thought, "Well God knows my heart. He knows what I'm going through," and have continued racing through my days. So, my excuse for not praying has been God's omniscience. How silly! I take a wonderful attribute of God and instead of praising Him for it, I use it as an excuse to not talk to Him. Well, as I continued reading the chapter about the parable of the widow who was persistent upon asking the judge to help her with her legal matters, it occurred to me that this is how we should be with the Lord. I read something interesting that said, "If an unrighteous judge responds to constant pressure, how much more will a great and loving God respond to us?" My persistent praying is to help me grow in the Lord, not because He needs to be reminded of my needs over and over again. Of course God knows my heart, but He wants me to pray because it helps me to grow closer to Him. How can we see the Lord working in our lives if we are not praying?


Kris said...

Thank you so much for sharing that, Becky. I was feeling the same way you were this morning and I looked up and saw my Bible sitting in the same place it's been for about a week now (except for the hour I had it with me in church) with a little bit of dust on the cover and the Lord reminded me again about how much I need Him.

Mama said...

So encouraging,honey. When I was away this w/e we heard preaching on "putting on the whole armor of God" It was suggested that before we even get out of bed, we do that. In Eph. 6:10-17 vs. 16 it says: "Above all taking the sheild of faith wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked." I imagine myself in my armor (size Large) with my sheild and my "sword of the spirit which is the word of God." With weapons like that, we are completely protected from whatever happens to us in our day! Also, note we arm the front (not the back) because we are to be moving forward. Never give up, never retreat!

DeAnna said...

That is great encouragment!! I needed that as well. It's so true, I do the same thing thinking God knows my heart, my needs, etc. But then it really isn't a matter of us going to Him to tell him what we're going through or what we need, but for our own benefit. I really need to spend more time with Him -- I don't know why I continue to say that but continue to not spend the time with Him that I should.

Becky said...

It's good to know that we're not alone on this and we can pray for eachother! I'm glad that the Lord shows me how stupid I am so I see my need for Him! It just sounds funny to pray, "Lord, thank you for my stupidness!" But in all actuality, I'm being serious, lest any of you think I'm the smartest woman alive! :o) I know today is voting day, but no need to take vote on that one.

Mamma, my armor of the Lord size is petite small...I figured I can just stuff myself in there and hope nothing sticks out. :o)

Kris said...

LOL, Beck. And when I come down for Thanksgiving, I want both of your HONEST opinions about whether or not my butt looks big in my armour.
Awww, I might have taken things a bit too far there, but it was begging to be said.
I love you girls. We are so blessed to be able to uplift one another and pass on our daily lessons and struggles. If I was without friends and family, I might just have left the dust on my Bible, but I'm happy to report that my Bible is currently dust free and sitting on the table beside me.