Jan 23, 2007

Stars On Ice

I took the kids ice skating about two weeks ago. It was their first time being out on the ice. In case anyone is wondering, I got first place in an ice skating competition when I was 9 years old. I had to do "forward skulling" and "backward skulling." I think now would be the perfect time to share with you, my reading friends, that REBECCA KATHLEEN HAS STILL GOT IT. I was a forward-skulling maniac out there!


Emma, brave and fearless as always. I said to her, "Emma, step out onto the ice and let me take your picture." Well didn't that little dare devil take TWO steps out onto the ice! She was pretty stinken hilarious out there on those two tiny skates.


My back is still hurting from this business.


Despite the fact that an entire school showed up while we were ice skating, we still had fun.-and let me tell you, that didn't stop me ONE bit, from showing off my skating abilities to my daughters and my nieces....ok, and maybe the entire school. Hey! I bear the name "First Place Forward Skuller" proudly! (sounds like I should have earned a wrestling belt intead of a blue ribbon.) Posted by Picasa

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DeAnna said...

Yeah, I went ice skating with the teens (well the few that would venture out there with us) while we were in Gatlinburg and boy you should have seen my triple lutz -- or was it triple clutz. Actually I was surprised how much the front of my calves were hurting while I was skating. Of course, I am not the award winning pro like you, so it has been 17 years since I went ice skating (and that was the only time I had gone ice skating before) Isabella now keeps asking us if she can go ice skating, I believe she would be fearless like Emma. Oh and I'm not sure why it always looks so romantic ice skating on movies, but it wasn't nearly as romantic as I was clawing at my husband to make sure I didn't fall. :)