May 30, 2008

The Grossest Post in the World!!!!!

For those of you who are a bit "squeamish," I warn you. Now might be a good time to click out of here!


And for those of you who decided to stick is what the kids found last week.

Oh how I hate this picture! It makes my toes curl just looking at it. These things are so ugly! I hate their whole heads, but the eyes really freak me out!

It was as long as Mikey!

You would have thought that Matt and Allie were snake charmers the way they were handling this thing!

Allie, I still can't believe you were holding it!!!!!!

Ok, that's enough for me! I'm outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liz said...

Oh my goodness!!! What kind of snake is it?

Anonymous said...

ok I already told Matt....I'm never coming over to your house to play again. That was so completely creepy.

Becky said...

The snake is either a rat snake or a milk snake or a rattle snake...ok just kidding on that last one. ;o) We're pretty sure it's a milk snake.

And Mom, quit being such a sissy. We'll tell Mr. Milk snake to go home when you come over...heres hoping home ain't at your place!