Mar 30, 2010

Wait! Don't Go Away! Here I am!

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!! Please sit down...really, the standing ovation isn't necessary.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have a plethora of pictures to share. (did you like the use of that "p" word? It was one of our vocabulary words.) Anyways, I've got neat stuff that I'd love to blog about, however....all my pictures are stuck.....yes, you heard me right! They're stuck. I decided to download a new photo program, and all 20,000 pictures transferred there. Now, I can't get them out. Don't you worry, though, my photographer friends will be here over the weekend. They'll get it fixed. And, "Blogging Memories" will be back in business!!!!

***crickets chirping***

I said, "Blogging Memories will be back in business!!!"




In the meantime, I'll throw a little quiz your way. First one to send me the answers wins an Easter egg. --calm down, everyone!!!!

Pull yourselves together, you've got a quiz to take here!!!

On your mark,

(admit it, your heart's pounding out of your chest, isn't it?)

Get set,


(swallow your spit, please)


1. What are your Easter plans?

2. If we went to highschool together, would you sit next to me in the lunch room?

3. Why or why not? (remember, there's an Easter egg at stake here!)

4. Why aren't I in bed?

5. Fix the grammar in any of these sentences. I'm going to bed.

All answers will be kept a secret, and filed in my 6th grade diary until tomorrow.

And don't think for two seconds that you can get in this baby. It's locked up, and sealed tighter than the Democrat's secret meetings over healthcare. And besides, I've got the key!

Good luck, everyone!


Liz said...

1. What are your Easter plans? Continental Breakfast at church, then church, then Easter dinner and hopefully a big egg hunt.

2. If we went to high school together, would you sit next me in the lunch room?
We did go to high school together and I did sit next to you in the lunch room, in class, on the bus, in choir...

3. Why or why not? (remember, there's an Easter egg at stake here!)
Cuz I did go to high school with you and you are the Bestest Friend Ever!

4. Why aren't I in bed?
Because you were WAY behind on your blog and you said I am finally going to get this off my to do list. That and you were probably watching Biggest Loser.

5. Fix the grammar in sentence 7. I'm going to bed.
Anyway... not Anyways.

Mama said...

1. I currently have no Easter plans.
sniff. I should win b/c you should feel sorry for me.
2. No.
3. Because you'd eat my food and talk about boys the whole time.
4. You drank too much coffee yesterday which makes you seriously demented. (just look at these questions)

Question: Is the egg solid or hollow...cuz if it's hollow? I don't care if I win.
Confession: I also have a key to your diary and have read every word you've ever written in it. Prayer is an amazing thing....

good_to_be_home said...

Becky, you are so funny.
My Easter plans: Go to church. :) That's it. I have no plans for dinner yet. My parents are coming out this weekend but are leaving on Saturday so they can go to their own church (they go to a small country church where the absence of even 2 members is painful!)......
If you and I went to H.S. together of course I would sit next to you at lunch. Why? Because I'm nice like that. :)

Thanks for your friendship...and yes we do need to get together at some point. Just when, is the question. I'm about to give birth over here (in 2 months but I'm already moody & waddling, ya know.)

xoxox, Shan

Becky said...

Liz, I love ya, girl! I always had a place to sit at lunch, thanks to you. :o) (and in class and on the bus. I think we got separated in choir, though.)

Mom...I'm not speaking to you.

And Shanda, lol.."because I'm nice like that." Yes, indeed you are. And since we never went to highschool together, we'll make up for it and have lunch together with our 12 children. :o) -WOW! is that a typo? :o) Can't wait to see pictures of baby Sarah!

Tricia said...

Uhhh, did you want to give a consolation prize to those of us who did not have a chance to check your blog yesterday??? No fair, no fair!!!

Anonymous said...

Liz won the last contest too!
I'm havin' an attitude-
this contest was FIXED!
Stupid prize anyway...

Becky said...

If we all had fun, we all won.

Becky said...

Trish, I'll think about the "consolation prize"...a.k.a "the prize for the losers." --Maybe, just maybe you might have something special at your place for Easter.

In the future, if you are planning on being away, please bring your laptop with you and hit refresh on my blog every 30 seconds.

Thank you for your cooperation.

9:42 AM