Jul 5, 2010

Love Never Fails

I Corinthians 13 is called the "love chapter" of the Bible. It's a beautiful picture of what true, genuine love looks like. After reading it, I questioned, "Since we're not perfect beings, how can we ever accomplish this perfect love?" The answer is simply, "We never will." But does that mean we shouldn't try? If we fail at diets, does that mean we should eat junk food for the rest of our lives? If we fail at budgetting, does that mean we should continue to spend foolishly for the rest of our lives? If we fail in an area of family or marriage, does that mean we should walk out and give up? We can use Christ's example to continually work at this love. I'm so thankful for the love that my heavenly Father has bestowed upon us, and that as many times I have failed Him, He has never left me or forsaken me!

Love is beautiful! I'm thankful for the ones that God has given me to love, and to receive love from.


Krissy said...

That was beautiful, Beck! Christ's love is so apparent in your family. I love and miss you guys so much.

Trish said...


Beautiful slideshow, Beck! I loved the pictures of the girls dressed up on the deck twirling around--I miss those days!! :) I need to buy that song today--who sings it again?? Truly children are a blessing from the Lord!! Thanks for that reminder!

Someone Who Loves You said...

My favorite is the children sandwich in the living room. They are growing physically and spiritually and you and Joel are doing such a great job...
(except for Bubbles...just saw the video) I'm with DeAnna... Let's just say I won't be using the facilities at your house when I come to visit!

Becky said...

That song is called, "Love Never Fails," sung by Brandon Heath.

You and Dad have always taught Christ's love by example in our family. I'm so thankful for you and Dad and my sisters!

Love you gals!! Can't wait to be together soon. :o)

Krissy, we miss you like crazy!!! :o(