Sep 24, 2011

An Advertisement for Homeschooling

Homeschooling is well on it's way. 

Annie is in first grade now.  She is pondering the deep questions of life. 

 For instance, the other night, she approached me with:
"Mom, where does poop come fwum?"  I looked at my husband who was grinning from ear to ear.  He couldn't wait to hear how I was going to explain this one. 

"Well, Annie...ummm, that's a great question... basically, it's leftover food that your body doesn't need."


"Because your body doesn't use everything you put into it."

 "Why does it stink?"

"Probably because it's been through your digestive system."


"Any other questions?"

"Yeah. Where does tinkle come fwum?"

(Does anyone have a book of gross topics that I could borrow?)


I was thrilled to find this big bulletin board in the clearance section at Michaels.  I grabbed it,and brought it home.  I asked my honey to paint the border black so it wouldn't look so "bulletin-boardish" -Is that an adjective?  It is today.

It's a great spot to showcase good grades, as well as post daily schedules, jobs, music information, verses and reading charts.

And speaking of reading....I was alarmed the other day when Annie frantically called me from the other room. 

"Mom!!  There's a bad 'pictchor' in my reading book!"  

"Oh no, honey.  What do you mean?  I don't think there are any bad pictures in your reading book."

 -The look on her face would cause any Army sergeant to shake in  his boots-

"It's a 'VER-WEEEE' bad 'pictchor'!!"  (emphasis on the "WEEEEE" as you read that)

"Do I have to read this?" 



"Let me see it." 

 I'll be honest.  I giggled like a 4th grader.  I don't know what's more comical:

1. The fact that he's trying to dry off with a hand towel


2.  That he's wearing blush 

 By the way, I did make her read the book.  -Enough of this sheltering business! 


When Rocky first came to live with us, he had a hard time accepting the fact that the kids were not always available to play with him the second he wanted.  

Homeschooling has brought a little order to Rocky's life.  He now waits patiently for Matt to finish his work.

And when Matt is done, Rocky goes with him.

Matt and Mary had a rather interesting experiment during their English class.  The lesson was on "How to Write a Good Paragraph."  A good paragraph needs to have a great topic sentence and concluding sentence.  Some people tend to squeeze way too much information in between those two sentences.

Let's use an oreo cookie to help explain this a little further:

This is a perfectly balanced treat. It has a great chocolaty "topic" sentence, a lovely middle and an equally as great "concluding" bottom.

Could there ever be too much filling in the middle? 

Let's find out.....

a 30 stuffed oreo!

 The answer is yes, you can have too much in the middle. 

In conclusion:  I once heard that emotion and weird humor help people retain what they learn. You can ask Matt when he's 47 if he remembers this little experiment, because that's about how long it will take for his bellyache to subside.


Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh! The education I get when I audit Browning Christian School!! Wish I was little again and could go full time....but then if I was little wouldn't be here....

Trish said...

Looks like tons of fun! I love the 30 stuffed oreo idea!! Can I come over and try one? If he went on "Shark Tank" the new TV show and presented his idea--he'd make millions~ Ha!

Becky said...

Of course you can come over and try one. I'll have plenty of tums on hand. :o)

"Anonymous" - my curiosity is always peeked when I see that name. Then, I can always tell whose behind the screen just by the way you write. --Hi Mommy. :o)

Allie said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I definitely loled at Annie's questions!! :) and I love how rocky just sits there waiting for matt.

Becky said...

I am certain if you were sitting there when Annie asked those questions, I would have been laughing too hard to answer along with you. Lol'ing does not help me explain life's important questions!

Anonymous said...

Lol-ing? Is that one of this weeks spelling words?
Just sayin....

Becky said...

believe it or not, they actually have a "texting dictionary" out there! The English language is a'changin.