Sep 10, 2008

Fall is in the air, and so is school

I love Fall. I especially love Fall mornings and how cool and crisp they are. I love them even more with a hot cup of coffee in my hands. We've officially started the new school year. We kicked it off with a "Back to School Party." Hey, we're always looking for a reason to party around here. -even if it's someone remembered to brush their teeth without mommy hounding them 3 times. We'll party over it!

The boys are playing in their first soccer game this Saturday. They were outside practicing today.

Mikey has never played on a real soccer team before. He is so excited. He has asked me each night at bedtime if his soccer game is in the morning.

If soccer isn't his thing, we could always sign him up with the Rocketts. My goodness! I'm surprised he didn't pull something with this kick!

This past weekend, Matt kept himself busy with several decks of cards. I can't tell you how bad, I wanted to walk over to him, and go "Ahhhhhhhhhh-CHOO!" :o)

I certainly can't end this without mentioning my birthday peeps. On September 1st, my nephew, Josh turned 15...ok, it's hitting me now. *sniff* someone pass the tissues. I can't believe he's 15! We continually remind him that all of us aunties use to sit him on the lazy susan in the middle of the kitchen table and spin him around and around, just staring at him in awe. He was the first baby of the family, and our pride and joy! We use to fight over who would hold him in the "snuggly" when we all went out somewhere public. He so big now, he's giving hand-me-downs to Joel. You've always made me proud, Josh, but seeing the young man you are growing into makes me even prouder! I am happy to announce that Josh just confided in me last week that I am indeed his favorite aunt. (hey, as lord of this domain, I can say whatever I want.) Happy Birthday, Josh!

And to Josh's sweet mamma and my dear sister, Tricia: Her birthday was September 6th, but I won't announce your age, Trish. :o) Have any of you ever seen "Little Woman?" Well, meet Meg...the oldest sister, and the motherly one. Trish is the sister that is always gathering us under her wings if something should go wrong, or if someone looks at us the wrong way. She is always willing to help, even if it means sacrificing her own comfort. She cares so much about others! Trish and I often laugh that we don't really have very many childhood memories together because I was so busy playing Barbies and she was off at college. When I got married and became a mommy, our sisterhood grew into a friendship for which I am eternally grateful for. I love talking to her on the phone and getting her ideas about things...big or small. It could be a potty training tip, a dinner recipe or how to mother in a Godly way. She keeps me sane during my crazy mornings. I love to call her and just chat about whatever. It's comforting to know she's always there. Thank you for always taking care of me, Trish! You are so thoughtful and caring! I love you very much! Happy Birthday!
Funny enough, just today while we were talking on the phone she confided in me that I was her favorite sister. :o)

And onto Kristine...her birthday is actually tomorrow, but I'm gonna go ahead and just get her outta my way. -hey, kidding man, totally kidding. Again, if any of you have seen "Little Woman", meet Joe....the tomboy. I'm happy to report that Krissy has grown out of her 7th grade phase, where she slicked her hair down, and wanted everyone to call her, "Chris." Like Joe on Little Woman, she'd do anything for anyone. She cares about others. Her life is dedicated to caring for those who cannot care for themselves. She would tell you that she is doing what God created her to do. Her love for these precious ones is evident to all who know her. She makes us all laugh. She is an encourager, a motivator and an "upper lifter." -is that a word? I guess, it falls in the encourager category. You are a wonderful sister and friend, Krissy. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I wish we could be there with you. Hey, you know we're always looking for a reason to party! :o) I love you very much!
Oh, I almost forgot... I won't tell anyone about that favorite sister thing, Kris! Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. :o)


Marmie :-) said...

Obviously the "baby of the family" has issues with insecurity!

Wonder which "sister" in little women Becky is?
Ahhhh, yes, the one with the clothes pin on her nose...AMY...which is just the word "MY" with an 'a'

Love all my girls the best. You each have a place in my heart that is JUST FOR YOU...

Jo said...

Aw shucks, thanks, man. Love you and miss you guys so much. Yes, it does seem like just yesterday we were twirling our Joshy on the lazy susan. Everything you said about T was right on. Had a great day at school today. Somebody special came by to wish me a happy birthday--Najee. Her new teacher had recorded the happy birthday song on her augmentative communication device and had Najee touch it to sing me the song. She was so pleased with herself--laughed and kicked the whole time! What a precious gift.

Meg said...

Made me cry, Beck! You really should write a book! I'd buy it. Loved all the pictures.

Thanks Marmie--Love you, too! But......I ain't giving away my Christmas breakfast! :)