Sep 17, 2008


This week has been "one of those weeks." (and it's only Wednesday, for crying out loud!) With the kids back in full swing of school, all of us are still adjusting to the new schedule. Yesterday, I had to confiscate a Raggedy Ann doll, an oversized horse, a plastic sword, a pumpkin and whoppers that had found their way into our little classrooms. I have laundry piled to the sky that has been screaming at me to be washed. I have countless projects started and stopped. One of them being, the dreaded "switch all the summer clothes for the fall/winter clothes x 7 bureaus." On top of it all, we have sickness going around. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed today, and then I read this...

Psalm 62:8
Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us.

Sometimes things just don't go the right way for us. Maybe we even feel "taken off guard."

The neat thing is that God promises to always be there for us, and He does so in different ways. Sometimes He strengthens us in the moments when we need it most. Other times, He sends along someone to help us get through our problems. :o)

I'm just thankful that I'm never alone in these things!


Trish said...

That makes me freezing just looking at it! Poor Emma! (Did Matt get her good or was she expecting it?) :)

Precious memories & precious pictures!

Becky said...

Being the sweet, considerate, loving, big brother that Matt is, he asked for Emma's permission before he poured freezing, cold water over her. And being "not the brightest crayon in the box," Emma agreed.