Dec 15, 2008

Welcome to Iceland?

Friday morning we woke up to ice. We had a huge ice storm. At first, it was exciting and gorgeous to look at. It looked like everything was encased in glass.

Ice as far as you can see in this picture. It sparkled like diamonds. It truly was a beautiful site!

Every blade of grass covered in ice.

Even the berries were trapped inside ice.

The excitement of the storm was short lived. Now, we had to face the ugly part of it.

We lost power for 3 days. Later, we found out that we were declared as being in a "state of emergency." We were just one out of over 350,000 homes without power. We lived like the Ingalls family during the good ole pioneer days for those 3 days...ok, maybe not totally roughing it, we had the generator running. Thankfully, we still had heat and water. As much of a pain it was to not have power, it really caused me to be thankful for all the little things that I take for granted. I'm thankful that our experience wasn't worse. (some are still without power and generators to heat their homes) I'm thankful for a generator! I'm thankful for the sweet family memory we made sitting in the quietness of our home surrounded by candles and children. But right now, I'm feeling the most thankful that I could flip on a lightswitch today!


Krissy said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! Seriously could enter them in a photo contest. . .

Alyssa said...

Wow! Amazing pictures! Glad you have your power back too! The things we take for granted. We truly are blessed!

Merry Christmas:)

Trish said...


Incredible!! As inconvenient as that was--what beautiful pictures! I especially like the one of the field and the berries. Those two could win a contest! Nice photo job, sis!!

DeAnna said...

Beautiful, scary, but beautiful. Love the field/mountain pic! what's up with those birds? What kind of crazy birds are out in an ice storm or are those fake birds you stick there all year? :) I can't believe even the grass was covered, cool picture -- did you actually lay on the ground to take that you -- you're as crazy as those birds. :)