Jan 25, 2009

The Ending to the Most Fabulous Vacation Ever

After several rainy days, the sun finally peaked through. I decided to seize the opportunity and get a picture of the kids on the deck.

Minor problem...the wind. It was absurd!!!

And I'm absurd for trying to get a normal picture in this kind of ridiculous wind!

Shortly after we were on deck, they closed it off because of the wind. Come to think of it, they may have closed it off because of us...

One of the musical groups on the ship was "Greater Vision." I think this is Dad's favorite southern gospel group. They sang a song one night that just brought tears to my eyes. It was called, "It Pays to Pray." -just a powerful, beautiful song.
The last day on the boat, I saw them standing in the lobby area, so I marched myself right on over to get a picture. I asked them if I could take their picture. One of them said, "get in, we'll have someone take the picture for you." I was so pleased and said, "Now, I'm going to look popular on my blog."

One of them joked about this being our new quartet.

After our picture, I proudly strutted down the hall to get Dad. I wanted him to meet my back up singers.

When our ship arrived back in Alabama, it was time to say goodbye to all the friends we made over the past week.

Back in the motor home for the 10 hour trip to Dad and Mom's house.

After a few hours on the road, it was time to get out and run.
I found it humorous that this was the spot that the kids chose to stretch their legs.

(Never thought to check their shoes before they climbed back in.)

Many hours of playing Uno can takes its toll on a three year old.

Once we got back to Dad and Mom's, we had two more days of vacation before we had to fly home. We had a fun "girl's only" breakfast with Grammy. Then, we did a little shopping afterwards.

We also hung out by the pool...

Really, I don't think there is anything that can embarrass her. This concerns me.

And so our fabulous vacation has come to an end. How 11 days could fly by so quickly, I don't know. I couldn't help but smile at the sunset God gave us our last night in Florida.

Dad and Mom, thank you again! We have been talking non stop about this wonderful vacation since we've been home. This is a memory that you can never adequately describe in words, but it stays in your heart forever.

We love you and miss you already!!!


Krissy said...

Ohhhhh, loved the vacation wrap up pics. Loled several times as I scrolled down through. Tell Annie I am loving her pink stretch pants! So slimming. The pool action pics are adorable. And, wow, you went up about 10 popularity points in my book with those Gospel quartet photos (Dad, too). Love you!

Trish said...

What a great vacation! Loved reading all about it and seeing all the beautiful pictures. (esp. the great action shots of Matt and Emma at the pool!) I got all teary eyed at the last picture of Mom and Dad. They are so very special. I love them to pieces for all they do for us!

DeAnna said...

Yay! More pictures. The wind pictures are hilarious, they were probably afraid to see some cute little kid get blown off the deck as their mommy is saying "Come on everyone, look at me and smile." :) So funny, I saw the little pink stretch pants and the the model pose of Annie and had to giggle too. Its like she knows she has stretch pants on and has to strike a pose. :) Love the jumping pictures - the one of Matthew is awesome. Again, if that were my kids, you would have to see Daddy standing behind them throwing them in and there face would be sheer terror. Isabella has already said she's not going on the waterslide because she doesn't want to get her face wet. I guess we've found the one way her and Emma differ. Since they offered for you to take a picture with them, you really should have said "Well, could we take it up on stage, so it looks like I sang with you?" :) Beautiful picture of the sunset and great picture of your parents too!! Looks like a fabulous vacation indeed!!

Becky said...

Krissy and DeAnna, no one can work a pair of hot pink stretch pants better than my girl, Annie.

Trish, I love the pic of Dad and Mom, too. It is so sweet!

DeAnna, soooo, Emma and Isabella actually differ on something? Don't worry, Isabella and Amelia can swim with Annie. Annie can NOT get her face wet. I never thought to drag my singing friends to the stage for my pic. Darnit! I could have looked even cooler.

Liz said...

It looked like you guys had so much fun. Next time I'm talking to Mikey and maybe he can pack me in a bag instead of all those bears, and the knife!

Krissy said...

Oh I don't know. . . . I think I might be able to create quite a stir in a pair of hot pink skin tight stretch pants myself.

good_to_be_home said...

Hi Becky! I just caught up on your blog and your fabulous vacation! I love all the pictures and the way you wrote about the experience, I chuckled often. It's obvious you all know how to have a good time and that's great. Lots of memories are being made.
Hope you are having a good week! ~Shanda