Jan 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

I've made a few New Year's resolutions that I'm not afraid to share:

1. Pray more, stress less.
2. Exercise more, eat less.
3. Blog more, facebook less.

I've missed blogging, but haven't had the time to keep up with it...or so I thought. I guess I hit an all time low when I found myself stalking my 4th grade boyfriend's facebook page, just to see how much weight he gained and what his kids were dressed as for Halloween......Don't judge me.
Facebook is weird. I have "friends" on facebook that aren't really my friends. I get creeped out when someone asks me to be their friend and I have no clue who they are. And it makes me feel funny inside when I find myself in Joe Shmoe's family vacation album, clicking through each picture with a silly grin on my face as if I were there, and suddenly realize, "Who in the world is this person?" --Maybe it's me. Maybe it's the air. Maybe it's the fallen socialization status of planet earth, but I've vowed to facebook less this year, and for Pete's sake! I won't delve into someone's photos who I don't know. -Whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest.

With my lack of blogging this last year, I'd like to make it up to you... and my family digital scrapbook here. Here are some memorable moments that occurred in 2010.

February 11, 2010 Matthew turned 12 and Annie turned 5.

We celebrated with an "atmosphere" theme. Annie picked rainbows. Matt picked planes.

Matt is in 7th grade. He loves to draw.

His real passion is planes. He is working on getting his solo license. Currently, he has 4 hours applied toward his pilot's license. I know, I know..it's crazy that he has time logged toward his pilot's license, but is still 3 1/2 years away from driving a car. Does this make anyone else a little woozy?

Annie officially started school this year. Of course since she's been in a highchair, she thinks she's been homeschooling, but this is the real deal, Annie-bo-bannie. No turning back now. Welcome to Kindergarten, baby!

May 14th was a memorable birthday for Mary and Emma, as well.

Mary turned 11 and Emma turned 7.....thus the 7/11 picture.

We did this on their birthday....

Permanently etched in their ears is their 7th and 11th birthday. I'm not sure that anything could top this birthday.

I'll have to think of something REALLY good this year. Maybe tattoos? -kidding.....I think.

We've had two new additions to the family: Moses and Rocky. Funny that in the Bible, Moses was told to strike the rock.

That probably won't be happening here though.

Meet Moses:

He was no taller than the buttercups when we got him.

Meet "Rock:"

They are loved.

Oh! I almost forgot about our third addition to the family!

Meet Henry:

Henry is a hermit crab.

He is not loved.

Ok....ok..... maybe he is by Mikey.

I mean, who else would build a hermit crab this fantastic ferris wheel?

In October, my sunshine boy turned 9.

2010 brought him new teeth.

Mikey played soccer this past fall, and did fantastic! I think it was because he had the loudest cheering section.

Homeschool, homeschool, homeschool....that is my life right now.

Homeschoolers are an interesting breed, aren't they? I'll admit I still feel a little funny when I say, "We homeschool" because for some reason, I just want to blurt out immediately after, "but we're normal." I think it was the homeschoolers that I encountered when I was growing up that cause me to make that clarification. I guess that makes me a "people pleaser." And I don't want to be that. You do think I'm normal, though.......don't you????


Anyone out there???


**tap, tap, tap** this thing on??

Whether we're "normal"or not, we are indeed on this journey together.

Something funny that happened this year was when I told Emma to put "Ezra and the scroll" on the timeline. She grabbed the markers and went to town drawing away. A little while later, I walked by. I stopped. I stared at the timeline. I tilted my head to the left then to the right. "Umm...Emma?" I asked, completely puzzled. "What's that next to Ezra?"

She looked up at me with her big blue eyes. "It's a squirrel. You told me to make Ezra and a squirrel."

Have Mercy! we will get this child to college.

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with true joy, contentment and happiness that can only come from our Lord!

We started a new tradition this year. We hung a stocking for Jesus. The kids wrote down what they wanted to give to Jesus, and put the folded paper inside the stocking. Some of things that were written were:
"Dear Jesus, I want my words to make you happy."
"Dear Jesus, I want to bring a new follower to you."
"Dear Jesus, I won't scratch anyone." (oddly enough, that wasn't from Moses.) I won't tell you who wrote that, because that would be breaking family confidentiality......

Nope, I won't tell you....

It would be so wrong of me.

So, don't ask me again. You're not getting it out of me.

I'm happy that I blogged today. I just accomplished number 3 of my New Year's Resolution. Unfortunately, I typed this entire thing, while eating a raspberry pop over. I did pray this morning, though. -Two out of three ain't bad.

Happy New Year, everyone! I will return.

And I promise I won't wait so long.


DeAnna said...

Love all the pics -- funny I was thinking the same thing about facebook. Although, I didn't have a boyfriend in 4TH GRADE - your parents were way too loose. :) I don't think I recognize anyone in your family pic though 5 of them are growing so big and 2 of you are shrinking. You all look great!! For the record you guys made it on our list of things we were thankful for in 2010 (surprisingly enough Isabella actually said Mikey before I said you. :) and also our things we would like to do/places we would like to go in 2011. Y'all should feel extra special. :)

Becky said...

What!! We made it? We made it to the thankful list??!
Yessssss! lol at Isabella being thankful for the love of her life, who she's never met...which is precisely why you do need to make the trip up here.
I miss you! We've got music tomorrow, but I'll call ya later. And for the record...we're thankful for you guys, too! :o)

someone who loves you said...

A. Yes. You're as normal as the rest of your family.
B. Are we not even speaking of Harry's friend that "sort of' showed up Christmas Morning-not even an honorable mention?
C. Just for the record: you wouldn't believe the extra time I have to actually live my life rather than create one now that I'm off facebook.
D. DeAnna-I didn't know she had a boyfriend in 4th grade-sheesh! (One thing I NEVER did is make wedding plans for my 2 year old children...talk about loose! You both should be ashamed.)
E. Beck: so glad you're not throwing anyone under the bus concerning the scratching.
F. Did I ever tell you about the time I had to go to the principal's office because one of my little girls wrote a note? I didn't think so-you learned that "don't tell" thing from Me-we are loyal-I'll say that about us.
H. And don't any of you out there in blogger land try to get me to tell who that was...
cuz I'm not sayin....

Glad you're back. Love this blog!

Becky said...

awkward. Ya caught me on facebook.

And as far as point B in your documentary, I mean, your comment...I will be giving an honorable mention in my next post. That information is classified until then.

As far as point D goes, who said anything about a wedding? It's just an agreement between two parties that our two children shall be betrothed. No wedding. Just a pinky swear. (Besides, I already gave her three chickens and a sheep just to seal the deal.)

Now, onto point F. I did hear that story. I think Krissy's confessed though, and it really would be shameful of us to bring it up again.

Thank you for the welcome back. It's good to be with you all once again.

someone who loves you said...

I can't stop laughing...
and looking forward to KK's comments.

Krissy said...

Ummmmmmm...I was going to compliment you on the new post up until I see I have been accused of sending poor Mom to the principal's office on account of her wicked child's behavior.
I think that anyone who knows Becky and I will have no doubt determining who was responsible for that.
I mean, I'm not saying I was perfect. I'm just saying I was smart enough to not get caught...

Becky said...

"Smart enough to not get caught" didn't help you get the truck load of Vaseline out of your hair, now did it?

Liz said...

Love your pics, Beck! What kind of camera do you have again? So much fun seeing you guys on Christmas, can't believe how big everyone is getting! (and how small you are getting!)
Love you and hope to see you soon!

Becky said...

Thanks, Liz. We had fun seeing you all at Christmas, too!
I have a canon cybershot camera.