Feb 14, 2011

Our February Babies

Here they are, the February 11th babies....

And now, I have some breaking news to share......I have a teenager!!!

**someone get the smelling sauce! She's going down!**

Yes, indeed, our Matt is 13. How does one celebrate their 13th birthday, you may ask? Well for our young pilot, it looks like this....

Nothing could be sweeter than turning 13 in the clouds!

I don't know where God will lead him, but judging by the passion He has given our son, it will have something to do with planes.

You can never fully know the love that is in my heart. When Daddy and I walked out of the hospital with you, we kept saying, "I can't believe they're going to let us take him home! I can't believe we're leaving here with this baby!!" We took 35 minutes buckling your car seat into the car, making sure that everything was secure. Daddy drove 7 mph out of the hospital parking lot. It was only a 5 minute trip, but I sat in the back with you, just in case you cried. When we got home, we carried you up to your new nursery and laid you into the crib that we had meticulously made. Every onesie, pajamas, and blankie were washed with Dreft, folded and waiting in your drawers. As a young mother, I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know the first thing about raising a boy. I didn't know how to pull your tiny baby arm through your shirt without thinking it was going to break. I cried when you cried. Nothing made me happier than hearing a great big burp come out of your tiny body. (some things have changed) Many nights, Daddy and I stood over your little crib, staring in awe and repeating, "I can't believe he's ours." Sometimes, we still do that. Matt, you are even more wonderful and special to us than the day we brought you home! We still can't believe God gave you to us. We love you!!!

Annie is 6. I can't handle the fact that she now has to use both hands to show me her age.

I can't stand it that each morning she wakes up, she looks an inch taller.

SEE? Look at her!! Look at her!!! She looks longer, doesn't she?

That's it, Annie! Not one more inch! Ya hear me? I don't want you growing another inch!

Don't laugh at me. I mean it!

No wonder God surprised us with you....He knew we needed another little girl to keep this house sweet. When we brought you home from the hospital, the picture was a little bit different than it was with Matt. You were immediately swarmed with little people wanting to hold you. We all took turns passing you around. I don't think your feet ever touched the ground the first year of your life. Every single toy was brought to you upon the tiniest wimper. Every morning, there were fights over who was going to get you out of your crib. 6 years later, you are still swarmed with people who want to be close to you. You know why? You are loved! You are loved IMMENSELY! After Matt was born, I never understood how a mommy could love another baby, let alone five! And then, I found out that you grow another heart each time you have a baby! Annie, I love your giggles. I love your sparkly eyes. I love the way you talk. I love it when you say something funny, even though you don't mean to. I love the way you immediately crawl into my lap after supper each night because you're starting to get tired. I love the pictures you draw of our house, always with flowers and rainbows. You are a treasure from God! We love you!!!

Thank you, Lord! I love surprises.


someone who loves you said...

Bawling....snot and tears all over my laptop.
Where oh where has the time gone.

Krissy said...

Awww, man, I'm an emotional wreck down here. I don't know what was more precious--Emma's big eyes, Mikey's "tickle-tickle," or Tricia's sweet excitement for the kids. Really, really sweet!
Happy birthday, kids!!

good_to_be_home said...

So precious! Happy birthday to your beautiful February 11 babies! It's just terrible, how fast they grow!

Becky said...

WAY TOO FAST!!!!! I always heard all the mature "well seasoned" mammas tell me to "cherish these times, because they go by too quickly." I want to find those ladies now, and say, "I did cherish them...so why did they go by so quickly? " :o(

PS I love Mikey "tickling" the new baby, too. It always makes me laugh.

Liz said...

I love them, and you, so much! I can't believe how you can make me cry, and want another baby which could be why I was crying but that is another topic for another time! I love you guys! Happy birthday Matt and Annie!! Now to watch it again, and cry again!

Liz said...

Oh Emma's face is the best!! I watched it with Noah and Isaac and I said look how cute Mikey is and Isaac said, "No. He just looks weird!" :) And by the way. Who ever bought that adorable outfit that baby Annie is in, has some good fashion sense!

Becky said...

Yes, great fashion sense, Liz O!!! I've often wished I had that outfit in my own size! :o) Seriously! that was my absolute favorite outfit on her!! I saved it.

And my other, Liz, I love you too, honey!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Mother of a teenager, wow!!! Not just any teenager, he is such a thoughtful, caring, kind, young man. Hard to believe in just 13 more years he will be flying my family back and forth to Uruguay. And, sweet Annie-Fannie. I love her coy attitude. If you don't pay much attention to her (which is hard to do) she warms up to you, but if you make a big deal she shies away. Love them both, love the rest of your kiddos, love you guys.

Becky said...

lol, yup, you are so right about Annie! And Matt still talks about flying you guys. So, did that house bring back memories? Oh how I miss those summer nights on that porch, just us, two guitars, a camera, a hymnal, some pillows and my make-up bag! :o)
Love and miss you guys!