Nov 2, 2011

The Great Conqueror

The kids have this thing with arm wrestling lately.  It's important for them to align themselves according to muscle strength.  Lest you think, "Alexander, The Great" holds the title for greatest conqueror, you are wrong.  It is my husband. I know it.  The kids know it, and now you know it. When one beats Daddy, he (or she) becomes: "Ruler"..."King of the Home"..."Biggest Scariest Kid on the Block" and "One to be Respected by All."  History books will be rewritten in your honor.   

Because the title, "Great Conqueror" is at stake, we have weekly matches. Someone is always challenging Daddy, which then causes people to buy tickets and get in line.  (Really, it's a great way to make money.) 

First up is Emma.  We let her cheat.
It doesn't help, but it sure is fun to watch.

Next up is Mikey.  He grunted, pushed and pulled.  He used every muscle in his arm (and face) that he could muster.

Careful! don't pop a blood vessel there, buddy.

Now Matt is our longest running contestant.  He has been trying to beat his dad for years.  It drives him crazy when he looks up, and sees that Joel isn't even trying, yet.  With beads of sweat dripping off his temples, he said breathlessly, "Ok Dad.....seriously...try this time!"  

And with that, "BOOM!"  He's down.  He's out. He's got tweety birds flying in circles around in his head.  Game over.

One day,'ll beat day!  I will be standing next to you with poms-poms in my hands, provided I'm not in the nursing home. 

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Trish said...

LOL, LOL!! Been a while since I read posts--I love this one! Goooooo, Mikey!