Nov 27, 2011

The Treehouse

One fine Fall day, every one of my children disappeared.  The house was quiet.  I decided that since I am their mother, and it's best to know where your children are, I should go looking. So, off I went.  Rocky came along.  I stepped outside, and didn't see anyone.   I heard a distant thumping sound. It seemed to be coming from the apple orchard. I looked down at Rocky.  "Where are the kids, buddy?"  He took off running.  I ran after him like Alice in Wonderland chasing the rabbit.  He took me to the edge of the woods.  

And there they all were...building a tree fort.

It was one of those mommy moments where my heart was filled to the brim with love.  I was busting at the seams with pride to see them working together to make something special.  Each one working away in their own little corner.  They were so excited to see me there, and took me on the tour.  "Mom!  Look our tree fort!"   "This is our kitchen."  "Matt's working on the second floor...doesn't it look super cool?"  "Mommy!  Look at my swing!"  I oohed and ahhed their fort, but truth be told, I was really oohing and ahhing over the fact that God gave me these five precious gifts!

Oh, how I love these faces!

Once the tree house was built, the boys decided to play a game of angry birds.

 The real version......

We drew little pig faces on green balloons, and set them up in the woods.

  The boys took their places in "the super cool second floor that Matt built..." 

And fired away.

A little imagination, a whole bunch of laughter....all for zero dollars.  -ya can't get that at Walmart.

Enjoy the little things, because you'll find that they weren't so "little" after all.

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