Feb 12, 2009

The February 11th Birthday Babies

Well, here they are, our 11 and 4 year olds. When Emma woke up, she walked downstairs all disheveled and said in a groggy voice to Matt, "Happy Birthday." He said, "Thanks, Emma." She said, "Are you 11 now?" He said, "Yup, I turned 11 when everyone was asleep last night." She gasped and her eyes grew wide. There was a problem, a big problem that nobody had thought about! She asked, "Does your coat still fit you?" Emma thinks that with the celebration of a birthday comes immense growth. -thankfully, she's wrong on that one!!!!!!!!!!

We set up a boy table and a girl table...

Matt gave Annie these butterfly clips, and she wanted to wear them on her special day.

And Annie gave Matt.....

a box of Ritz crackers. :o)

a little birthday love from Mikey.

We enjoy playing this joke over and over again. I think we did it to you one Christmas, Trish. We did it at the teen christmas party, as well. It's called, "put a tiny present in a huge bag and fill it with filler." In Matt's case, we chose pillows. :o)

He was confused at first.

Then he realized what was going on.

And it became extremely funny to him.

I loved the look on his face when he found out what was beneath all the pillows.

A flight simulator game....

Another big moment was receiving his cello!

He woke up this morning and went straight for the cello. The warm low tones are just beautiful. I love this instrument. I can't wait until he is playing songs with his sisters. I like it that they are all playing instruments that are different but in the same string family. Mary plays the violin, Emma plays the viola, Mikey plays the guitar, Annie is playing her cardboard violin, :) and now Matt plays the cello. When they learn to work and come together on these instruments, they can make beautiful music together. Thank you Dad and Mom! There will be plenty of concerts this summer for sure! :o)

Yoyo Ma meets "Whose your mama?"

Ever hear of the saying, "Families are like fudge. Mostly sweet.....

With a few nuts." :o)


Trish said...

I love that nut!! :)

Can't believe he is 11 and she is 4! Incredible how quickly time is flying by. I love the new cello--such a cool sound. Happy Birthday cutie pies!

Mary said...

I can't wait until we all can play beautiful music in church some day. That will be so much fun!

DeAnna said...

Oh great, my Isabella gets the nutty rock star. :) Happy Birthday to both of them! I can't believe that Matt is 11, it seems like yesterday..... I can't wait to hear the beautiful music your little ensemble will make as they continue to learn.