Feb 7, 2009

Precious Memories

I was going through some old pictures the other day. When I got to these, I laughed and cried. That little binky-faced baby girl down there is going to be 4 on Wednesday, and Matthew will be 11! I can hardly believe how fast the time goes. With each newborn baby, I've always been reminded by a seasoned mother, "Oh, cherish the time. It goes by so fast." I tried to cherish that time, but how is that my babies grew up so fast?

And this is the one that just makes me laugh. I'm sure it was something very traumatic like she wasn't able to hold the new baby the second she asked.

I love being a mom. I love these little faces. I love each day that God gives me...even the bad ones. No doubt I was behind this camera in my pajamas, hair piled on top of my head in a rat's nest and the house an absolute mess. I've learned that it's ok to leave the dishes, laundry and clutter once and while, and go sledding, have tea parties and make forts. You never really lose time if you're "laying up treasures in heaven."


Trish said...

Precious pictures, Beck! Emma-even at that young age--always analyzing! So cute--just look into her eyes and you can see the wheels turning! Time goes by so quick doesn't it? Wait until Matt & Mikey start shaving! :) LOL

What a nice way to go to bed--sweet pictures!

Krissy said...

Oh my goodness--they are just mini versions of themselves today. How cute! Fun to look at old pics.