Mar 10, 2009

My favorite, guilt free dessert

My people,
today I will be sharing a secret love of mine. I can't get enough chocolate!! My new favorite dessert is Chocolate Mousse with fresh raspberries....oooo, my mouth is watering as I type it! It's the most delightful dessert and the best part is that it's made with fat free, sugar free pudding, lite cool whip and fresh fruit. You don't even have to say, "I wish I didn't eat that" after it's gone! In fact, you can go get seconds!

And it's this easy to make....

Make your pudding according to box directions, mix in your lite cool whip, and adorn the top with your lovely raspberries.

Now, go enjoy it with a friend!

P.S. I'd like to be that friend.


Trish said...

D'oh--I'll be shopping tomorrow!! Adorable. That picture could win a photo contest.

DeAnna said...

I crack up every time I open your site and see Annie's chubby cheeks. :) Sounds good, I might have to try and get the natural pudding mix at Whole Foods and try this. It wouldn't be sugar free, it has a natural sweetener in it, so I would still have to limit how many calories I eat from it rather than devouring the whole bowl and telling my kids they can have an apple for dessert. :) I love Emma's apron!

Becky said...

I love those cheeks, too. :o) And to think she was only 4 days old in that picture!