Apr 18, 2009

Color me happy

As I was baking dessert and making hair bows for Easter last weekend, I couldn't help but notice the sea of colors that surrounded me.

Don't they make you happy? Someone told me that the "in" colors for this summer are bright, citrus colors. I noticed that when I was recently shopping at T.J. Max. Next time, you go shopping, take note of all the bright oranges, greens, yellows, and pinks that are out there. Apparently, that is a marketing plan. Those colors were chosen because they are bright, happy colors. They are supposed to boosts people's moral, and hey, in this sluggish economy, who wouldn't want to put on a bright citrus shirt and feel like an orange, right?

Ummm, on second thought, I'll stick to black. It's slimming, and quite frankly that makes me happier than being an orange.

My favorite part of Wizard of Oz was when Dorothy left her ho-hum life of black and white, and stepped into the colorful land of Oz.

I scanned my pictures quickly to find more colors.

Now, see, you're all smiling aren't you?

With the exception of Mom, who is crying right now.


Anonymous said...

I am laughing with tears in my eyes! How well you know me! : ) Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put on my yellow shirt and cheer myself up.

Trish said...

I'm thinking about how YUMMY those chocolate lollipops were!! I need that recipe. :) I thought for sure that baby picture was Katie!! (Is that Emma?) I never realized how much their baby pictures looked alike!! Great pictures!

Becky said...

Which baby? The baby in the orange shirt, and the baby with the blue hat is Annie. The baby with the toy wearing purple is Emma.

good_to_be_home said...

The picture of Annie in orange (with the cherry) is my favorite!! She's got such an adorable expression...and the one of her in the fuzzy hat is my 2nd fav. You have the most deliciously PLUMP babies ever!
Thanks for the colorful post & I hope you are having a good weekend!

Becky said...

lol, thanks Shanda. I like your use of adjectives. "delicious and plump" go nicely together, and it does definitely describe our babies. :o)

DeAnna said...

Ok, Shanda's comment about "deliciously plump" babies cracks me up. That caption needs to go under the picture of Annie in the hospital next to the bag of chocolate. :) Your lollipops look great, mine didn't turn out too pretty, but I only had valentines colors for sprinkles-- but then again I ate all the rejects so I was ok with that. :) Love all the colorful pictures, might have to steal this idea myself because I am so loving spring!!

Becky said...

Or next to my picture right after I had Annie. :o)

Thanks, Shanda. You really gave us all a giggle with that phrase, "delicously plump." May we use it from time to time as long as we give you the credit for coining that phrase? :o)

Krissy said...

You are so right. The prettiest colors are the ones that God made, aren't they? I have a box of pansies outside my window that are bright yellow, purple, and red that really brighten my day. Although I have to admit-- your chocolate eggs take a close second!