Apr 22, 2009

A Surprise Visit!

We had a surprise this weekend. My sister, Krissy, was in Boston for the marathon. When she called and asked if she could take the "T" to come visit us for the afternoon, I said, "No way, jerk." -just a little sister humor for ya. We decided that it would be fun to surprise the kids. I took the little girls with me to pick up Aunty Krissy at the train station. Since they didn't know where we were going, they were full of questions and ideas of where they thought I was taking them. The older children went to church with daddy. They were so surprised when they came home to find Aunty Krissy in the kitchen. (as you'll see in the video)

I made a fun, little movie documenting the whole day. And so, without further adieu, I present the box offic hit, "Aunty Krissy's visit:"


good_to_be_home said...

Well, I watched the whole thing and was quite impressed by your video! It had it all; humor, intrigue, suspense, laughter, triumph, sickness, surprise, family fun, and even space aliens at the very end!!!!
Good job!
And I'm SO glad you had a good time with your sister.

Becky said...

lol! Thanks Shanda! We had a wonderful time. :o)

Trish said...

Way to make me cry before bed. I went from laughing hysterically to bawling my eyes out--amazing what music can do! Great job, Beck! :)

I miss Krissy!

Anonymous said...

So I am doing fine thru the whole thing. Laughing, enjoying the surprise. AND THEN, you had to go and change the music and make it all sappy! So of course the tears start falling and you make me miss my own sisters! Thanks A LOT!!! Well, at least your mom was probably crying with me.
P.S. I think you should start your own production company. We can stay up tomorrow night thinking of a name for it.

Becky said...

Trish, did you watch it to the VERY end? I should have had you ending on laughter, rather the tears...unless of course, the fact that each of those faces are related to you made you cry.

Becky said...

Liz...don't worry, Trish was crying with you, mom most definitely will cry, and if my cousin, Liz shows up, she'll cry too. Tears flow freely around here. Someone pass my friend the a box of tissues, please.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow! :o)

Becky said...

By the way Liz, you can post under the "name/url" and put your namein. Then, it will say "Liz said" or if you prefer "Kelly from Saved by the Bell said" or "Tweety the bird said" You pick. You don't need to put anything else in there. Unless of course, you wanted the big, black, bold mysterious "Anonymous" letters up there. And if you did indeed want to be anonymous, I extend my apologies and I'll make plans to go to someone else's house tomorrow evening.

Kelly from Saved by the Bell said...


The Girl Who Always Crys said said...

Awww....how they love the Dollar Store!
Oh! They're going to be so surprised!

Sniff...lips twitching
Sniff...eyes tearing up
Sniff...100% LOSE-ing it

Huh? Whaaaaat????
Bad Dreams...
Ugly People...
Laughing....Shaking my head...wondering where you came from????
Wonderful job!

Missing you TONS!!!
Thanks for letting me be there with you!

Production Company Name:
I'm with Liz...let's come up with one!

Krissy said...

Wow! Made me cry, too! But only because my visit was too short. . .
I love all of you guys so much and wish I could have stayed longer.

burge said...

I got to see Krissy at the Boston Marathon, but I wasn't able to make up a movie about it yet. It was really good to see her and to see the photos you took of your day together.

Becky said...

Mom, I'm assuming that the "girl who always cries" is my mom....
I thought at first you wrote a poem, and I was like, "Man, oh man, mom is really losing it in the poem department. None of these words even rhyme." So I went back to read it again. Then, my senses came through, and I realized that you were giving us a play by play of your emotions throughout the little movie. :o) Glad you experienced all ranges of emotions...but then again, isn't that the life of a sanguine?

Personally, two of my favorite parts are: Annie's eyeballs bulging out of her head -that was a good sound effect. lol. Second was when Mikey came ho-humming on into the kitchen, and did his giggling, "ahh-awww."

Becky said...

Burgess! Glad you came on over to join the chatter. First things first, you leave the movie-making up to me, or I'll shut this blog down, faster than you can blink!

Next, WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO SEE US!!!! I miss your baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girl who always cries and wants to be anonymous said said said said: said...

AW! Busted....I tried to keep my anonymity. You had to go and expose me....the sanguine life is never simple.
My complete FaVORITE is annie doing the BLAA-INK thing...sort of freaked me out! The sound effect? Well-timed! LOL

The other part: was the pic of the 4 of you. and the "now we are complete" sniff....oh, nuts there I go again....I'm outta here.

Hotrod Helen said...

Glad to join the chatter. Being the computer whiz that I am--I never knew how to leave a comment (and I've had some good ones too). But, you were explaining to Liz how to leave her name, and I said to myself, "self, you can do this." So, now you will be kicking yourself for explaining how to do it because I will be commenting the baloney out of your blog. :) :) :)

Liz (cousin) said...

Hey man, I wasn't crying...sniff, sniff! Oh brother, when do these baby hormones leave? LOVED IT!
Hope to see you guys soon!
Much Love

Maya said...

Why can I not see your videos???!!! Don't worry I am not asking for technical advice but just ranting.
I will keep trying because they sound so fun.

Becky said...

Maya, do you have a media player on your computer?

Hotrod Helen, get over there and give Maya a helping hand, will ya?

And cousin Liz, the hormones never leave. Embrace them, hon. :o)

Kerri said...

This went from being a tear jerker to a laughing moment. Thanks for making me miss my family!

Becky said...


Welcome! We're a hormonal mess in here. You are now one of us.

maya said...

I have now seen the Aunt krissy video yea! For some reasons I can view them now. i am not going to ponder why but just enjoy it :)