Apr 2, 2009

Our Totally Awesome Teen Activity

We had a teen activity at our house this past weekend. We started off with pizza....as all good, Christian teen activities do. :)

The best part of the night was after dinner when we went outside to have bike races. Joel did something cruel to them. He said, "How many of you have ever been dirt biking?" Their eyes were like saucers, and surely they must have thought that this was going to be the ABSOLUTE coolest teen activity EVER!!! Then we brought out the bikes. Did I mention that the bikes belonged to Emma and Annie? We explained to our daring teens that in our household, it's "Safety First" therefore, they needed to protect their heads and eyes.

Rules of bike racing:
1. Must ride down the driveway, go around Emma, and come back.
2. Helmet and goggles on at all times
3. Rear-end planted on the bike seat at all times. (no standing up and running with your bike)

And the race was on! I can not even begin to tell you how hilarious it was! I couldn't even hold the camera straight.

Josh, I beg of you to ride for us at the next family gathering!!! (That boy is a giant, and he seriously almost knocked out his team mates with his knees jutting out of that tiny bike.)

You can't have a teen activity without the involvement of whipped cream. We served up a nice, juicy piece of bubblegum on paper plates. Then, it was covered in whipped cream. The goal of this game was to get your piece of gum, (naturally, with the hands behind the back) and blow a bubble.

I learned something new about my niece, Allison. SHE HATES WHIPPED CREAM!

Upon hearing this, her loving uncle gave her a pile full of the dreadful cream. I think Josh enjoyed that.

On your mark, get set........FACE SPLAT

It was Hubba Bubba gum, so it did take a while to chew.

Way to go, Allie! You took one for your team!

We teach our children the importance of manners like: using the proper utensils at the dinner table, make sure to wipe your face with your napkin. So, this activity confused Annie and Emma a little.

Later in the evening, Joel brought out a HUGE tote. It was full of love letters that we have written to each other. We have saved every single letter that we wrote to each other throughout our dating relationship.

He told the kids that in order to have a true, loving relationship that is meaningful and lasting, you need to communicate. He likened it to our relationship with God. Our goal should be to know Him more, to understand what God loves and what pleases Him, and then do it. How can we understand more about God? -through the Bible. He already knows us. The Bible tells us that He formed us from the beginning. We need to teach our kids how to communicate to God through prayer, and then listen as He communicates back to us, through His Word. Relationships are important. Every day, we are either contributing a building block to make them stronger or taking one away. God's Word also tells us that when Jesus was asked what was the most important commandment, he replied, " YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND. This is the great and foremost commandment." -Matthew 22:36-38

May our goal as Christians be to know Him more, (Phil. 3:10) and teach our children to do the same.


Allie said...

That was such a fun day!! I haven't laughed so hard in my life especially with the bike races. I have no idea why I don't like whipped cream. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. I can't wait for the next teen activity!

Becky said...

Allie, did you know Annie hates whipped cream, too? That's probably why she has that awful look on her face in that one picture. I have to admit that I do enjoy my whipped cream, HOWEVER...that particular whipped cream that Uncle Joel got was horrific!!!! I think they must have made it from dead cows or something!

Next teen activity........milking a dead cow. It'll be awesome! Only the coolest of cool will be there!

Trish said...

That looked like so much fun--I want to be a teenager again! :) So glad the whole gang had fun...and as for Allie not liking whipped cream......well, lets just say someone is awfully glad to get double whipped cream on her sundae! :)

Thanks for all you did Beck & Joel!

Becky said...

Uhhhhmmm, I said "only the COOLEST of cool."

Mama said...

Wish I could have been there! Sounds hilarious . Good for Allie scoring for the team on the whipped cream thing!!!

That's like you shoving your face in soMething "vanilla" Beck. We all know you couldn't do it....right girls?
Ahem...someone is having a birthday soon! Wanna get her a YELLOW cake with vanilla frosting? We could hide her present in it....and she'd have to dive in face first and find it? Whatdayasay Becksters-YOU IN? Only the coolest of the cool will be there ! Then we'd make you ride Josh's bike with his helmet and goggles on...to the next teen activity! Oh the visual is making me laugh just thinking about it!