Aug 21, 2009

Missing my Big Kids

I'm missing our two big kids. Mary has been away, camping with Grampy and Grammy. She's been gone for over a week. Matt just left. He's off with his buddy Caleb, and his dad and grandpa. They're having total boy time, fishing, wake boarding and sleeping in the boat. I know they are having the time of their lives, and I am so happy about that.... but still Mommy misses her babies. ----No little goodnight hugs, no good morning grins, and two empty chairs at the table----- If you think I'm bad, every time I call Mary, Emma yells out, "I WANNA TALK!! I WANNA TALK! I miss Mary!!" And Annie has asked me approximately 36 million times when "When is Mare-wee coming home?" Poor Emma and Annie miss their big sister like crazy, and poor Mary is going to get pounced by them as soon as she gets here!

Last week, Matt came running inside and yelled, "MOM! GRAB YOUR CAMERA AND FOLLOW ME!" I thought for sure I was going to be met with a bear, a slimy frog, a rare bird, a fox or yet another slithering, evil snake. I was wrong on all of the above. Matt walked me outside and said, "Don't turn around, ok?" I agreed and continued to follow him, making sure all along that it wasn't a snake. He only smirked, and with a twinkle in his eyes, he said, "You'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." When we arrived at "the spot," he said, "ok! you can turn around!"

I gasped! -And, this picture will not even come close doing it justice.

It was HUGE!

It was Gorgeous!

And I don't think I've ever seen such a perfect one before.

The biggest, most majestic cloud I've ever seen!

How blessed we are to be able to look up and see "the heavens that declare the glory of God."


good_to_be_home said...

Awesome cloud picture! Behold the glory of the Lord! Love it. Have a great weekend, ~Shan

Trish said...

Whoa--cool cloud--I've never in my whole life seen anything like it!! Nice job--Matt.

I miss Mary, too. Can't wait to see her tomorrow! :) Only a few more hours, Beck. xoxox