Sep 3, 2009

Horses DON'T have manners

A few weeks ago, our family volunteered to help for a horse competition.

Our job was to serve food to the hungry riders. We had a lovely assortment of muffins, coffee, trail mix bars, doughnuts, hot dogs, cheesburgers, cold cut sandwiches, chips, cookies and soda. I used my best penmanship to write the menu on our marker board. We laid out all the snacks in perfect towers. The napkins were formed in a lovely geometric shape. I had lavender placements at the coffee station so that spills could be easily wiped up. There wasn't one drip or one crumb on our table. It was clean as whistle, and I took great pride in that. I even had a little pump of Germ-X handy for the riders, as well as myself who would be dealing with the money. Our little helpers moved about, rearranging the snack towers and wiping down tables. It was fun, but I'll admit, we might have looked a little "over eager." When a potential customer would remotely look our way, Emma would "whisper" very, VERY loudly, "MOM! I think they want to buy something." And by the time the customer finally did muster up the courage to walk over and order, they didn't get one syllable out of their mouth before Mikey and Emma went racing as fast as they could to the cooler to retrieve whatever they thought they heard.

Annie quite frankly could have cared less for such silliness. She was all about her chair.

Apparently we weren't the only "over eager" ones hanging around the food table. A horse, led by his clueless owner walked by, and left us this....RIGHT SMACK DAB IN FRONT OF OUR FOOD TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

(Good grief! the porta potties were right there! Teach that guy some manners!)

The kids were in absolute hysterics.

I was appalled. I know sometimes I can be a bit of a germaphobe, but this was downright disgusting. Who in the world wants to step over THAT to buy a doughnut and a coffee? At first, I felt compelled to tell everyone to be careful where they stepped, but after a few strange looks, I kept to myself. I quietly walked over to my Annie, and sat down next to her, hugging my Germ-X.


Trish said...

LOL, LOL!! Nothing like a good horse poop to squash your appetite! :) I could tell you some serious "dry heave" horse poop stories this morning. . . .

but I won't. :) Too funny.

Mama said...

Could you not have made a "proposal" to one of your sons like....go pick it up and receive one free donut, pick it up with a SMILE, get a donut AND a soda, made a "no poop zone" sign and stolen a few pontoons???

I bet that bottle of sanitizer was empty before 10 am! YOU ARE THE BIGGEST GERM-O-PHOB I know!

And T? Don't say "dry heave" it makes me gag....

Krissy said...


good_to_be_home said...

Oh how funny. The smell is what would have bothered me.
I would LOVE to do something w/you and your kids sometime. Maybe this fall, before it gets too cold out? Maybe a nice fallish activity, like apple cider and pumpkins?