Sep 12, 2009

Birthdays and First Day of School

When the last bubble has been blown....

and the last of the flowers have been watered.....

and the last swing on the hammock has been taken.....

and the last ghost story has been told around the campfire...

and the last...ummmmm.......spray in your face has been sprayed????

And suddenly, I find myself looking for sweaters, and coats....

This can mean only one thing: Summer is over,

I can't believe it! Where did it go? It certainly ended with a bang of a birthday week.

First of all, it was my father-in-law's birthday.

Then, it was my dad's birthday.

Then, it was my darling husband's birthday.

Then, it was my nephew's birthday.

Then, it was my sister's birthday.

THEN, it was my other sister's birthday.

(Oh!! and I almost forgot....President Obama's birthday was August 4th, and I had quite the time putting that shin-dig together!)

IT WAS ALSO DEANNA'S BIRTHDAY! -QUICK!! send presents!!!! There's still time!!!!!!

Happy Birthday one and all. -I don't want to see another piece of birthday cake again for a long, long time.


With the summer sun setting, the "back to school sun" rises.

We started school last week. We let go of all the birthday balloons that had been bounced from party to party.

The "lift off ceremony" signified the lifting off of a new school year, a new grade, new memories, new school work....and here's hoping we don't pop along the way.

As always, no celebration is complete without cake.

(I said, "I didn't want to see any more BIRTHDAY cake." -This is CELEBRATION cake.)

We celebrated our first day of school with a heavenly melt in your mouth chocolate cake made with love by the bakery lady from BJ's.

(Ok, fine! I wrote it.) -for those of you wondering what in the world I'm talking about: My mom and Krissy went to BJ's to get a cake for Tricia's birthday this past week. Apparently, when the cake was handed back to them....let's just say that Emma could have done a better job with the lettering.

"Dear Bakery lady at Bj's,

Handwriting class starts at 10:00 and there's still an open slot if you'd like to join us.

PS don't feel so bad. My dad's handwriting is atrocious, as well. You can sit next to him."


DeAnna said...

I would say LOL to the last comment, but I'm still put off about getting left out in the birthday list. I mean President Obama gets mentioned, but oh no forget about my birthday or even my anniversary. Wow, that's real nice. Hope President Obama answers his phone for you this week.

Trish said...

LOL, LOL, LOL, Beck! I'll be there at 10am! :) Great pics--loved the sunset picture the best---oh, and the one of me. . . . :) JK

Kris said...

You have to stop making me laugh out loud in our apartment business center. My neighbors are beginning to roll their eyes when I walk into the room. . . that CAKE! So adorable. And trust me--it was 100 times better than Fran at BJ's, bless her.

Mama said...

LOL I think Emma could GIVE the decorating lessons...she knows the difference between upside down cake and regular...if ya' know what I'm sayin' (and I know you do!!!)

My favorite picture is the "letting go of the balloons" Can't believe those things could do a "lift off!" -we sure did get some mileage out of them! My Most UNFAVORITE picture is of the simpleton standing next to your Father...I mean, seriously Beck???? You couldn't have cut HER OUT??? UGH!

Becky said...

Oh dear, I have two unhappy people in my audience:

FORGIVE ME! If you'll notice, I have corrected my error! Oh! and by the way, Mr. President did answer his phone. I told him how I had forgotten your birthday, he said "Don't feel bad. People aren't happy with me, either. Try having 2 million people in your front lawn."

Mamma, one crop coming right up.

Trish, Thanks! And, I think that pic of you is pretty stinken cute! Mike should have it on his desk at work. It just proves what a party animal you are. :o)

Krissy dear, try sticking cotton balls in your mouth before you open up any further, e-mails/blogs.
-you'll instinctively barf, instead of laugh.

7:59 AM

Krissy said...

Ewwwwww hew hew hewwwwwwwwwww! I'm dry heaving just thinking about it.