Sep 22, 2009

Corny People

Whoever thought a corn field could be so much fun? We went to a cornmaze this past weekend.

Look at that thing! Cornmaze = Amazement! I sure was glad to be following Joel. We did get a little hung up in the udder area.

Upon entering the maze, we were faced with the law of the land:

Aww, sorry Kris. You're out.

Ann, so are you.

Trish is out.

I had turn around, and go back.

There was a total of 10 clues scattered throughout the maze.

The goal was to collect them all, and write them down. Then your name was put into a drawing for free maple syrup.

Here we are at the first one....

The clues were so cute! We were walking through there, giggling like crazy at some of them.

This was my favorite one....."cow poke"

We made it out with all 10 clues!! -If we win, you're all invited over for pancakes!

There was a barn of baby animals there, as well.

I have never seen such a tiny goat in all my life! I'm telling ya, I could have put this little guy in my pocket and walked out of there.

The girls were excited to ride the ponies. The excitement went down the tubes for Annie when she saw that she had to wear a helmet. So, she "graciously" took herself out of the running.

Matt took Annie's pony.

While Emma sported the helment with no problem.

Inside the barn, there was humungous box filled with corn kernals. The little girls dove right in there....

and got to work

Apparently, not everyone in the cornbox shared their same work ethic....

These kids had STUFFED themselves full of kernals! (check out the boy trying to stand up in back ground)

The final activity was the corn cannon shooter.

And let me tell ya, these guys take their job seriously...very seriously!

Mr. "Corn Cop" told us that there were two rewards to be won. The first reward was if you got it through the smiley face pumpkin, but the bigger and better prize was if you shot it through the tire. The tire was pretty far out there. He said, "That's a cool prize. You get a free hat and a free candy bar from the snack stand." Matt was up for the challenge.

In went the little corn

out went the little corn

And guess who got it through the tire!?

Mr. Corn Cop smiled very big, and said, "I don't believe it. You're the first person that's ever got it through there."
"Mamma Farmer" and her sister came out to meet the little champ. They were shocked. "Do it again!" they said. Matt got to take a few extra shots. (he didn't get it in again, though) Next came the "friend of the farmer photographer." She congratulated Matt, and asked if she could take his picture.

Yes-siree, best two bucks he ever spent! Not only did he walk away with his free hat and candy bar, but he walked away King of the corn cannon!


DeAnna said...

I would say this looks like a fun day, but really this whole post is corny. :) Somehow I know you're laughing. :)

Tami said...

Woo-hoo, Matt!!! Can I have your autograph next time I see ya?!? That is AWESOME!!! Is that the Davis corn maze??

Kris said...

I am so proud of you, Matty! Who knew you were such an expert marksman? Way to go, buddy. ;)

Trish said...

Mr. Corn Cop--now that's a job to aspire to!! LOL--crack me up, Beck! Looks like you guys had a blast. Corn mazes are the best!

P.S. Wanna go stuff our shirts full of corn?

good_to_be_home said...

You always make me laugh!
Looks like a fun day.
I'm awaiting your email you promised me! xoxo, Shan

Allie said...

I laughed so hard when I saw those kids with their shirts full of corn. :)