Sep 20, 2006

The Happiest Day in Mary's Life

Mary's dream of playing the violin is about to come true. Grampy and Grammy took her to the music store to get her very first violin, yesterday. This was a big surprise for her. We met Grammy for lunch and then Mary went home with her. She had no idea that Grammy was about to take her to the music store. I kissed her goodbye and she climbed into Grammy's car, just happy to spend a day with her. I told mom to call me as soon as they got it. A little while later, my phone rang. I answered it, and all I heard on the other end was a high pitched, squeaky violin sound and then lots of giggles. Mom told me that when they got to the door of the music store, she bent down and told Mary why they were there. Then mom said, "Mary's eyes got as huge as saucers and she was just grinning from ear to ear." This is truly a dream come true for Mary. When she was 4, she saw a young girl play her violin in church. Ever since that day, she has been asking to play the violin. Mary has always loved music and I think she is really going to do well with it. Watch out, Reptevia, my Mary is the next "fiddler on the roof!"


Kris said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Those sparkley eyes! Just adorable. I'm so glad for her. What a blessing for our sweet mare-mare. And please tell her I was so impressed with her rendition of Jesus Loves Me.

Mama said...

The best part of the day for me was watching those sweet eyes twinkle. Mare Mare never stopped smiling the entire day, and neither did I.

We were entertained all night long with little renditions of her own making followed by a very professional bow with violin tucked under her arm and bow held to the side.

Matty did his best to keep his fingers out of his ears except for one little tune Mary played to which Matty exclaimed, "OH, Mary that was so BAD...please,please try harder."

It was the best day of my life too. I just loved sharing the joy. What a privilege!

DeAnna said...

AWWWWWWWWWW! That is so absolutely sweet and adorable! I bet she is going to do so good at this!