Sep 28, 2006

Pumpkin Pickin

Picking a pumpkin is no easy task! Growing up in my house, the rule was, "If you can carry it, you can have it." When the kids were told this, Matt took off for the monster pumpkins. He wasn't out there just to get a pumpkin, he was out to prove his manhood! Sadly, the first set of pumpkins that he embarked upon could not even be remotely budged by him. He sure was huffin and puffin, giving it all he had, though! He then moved one step down. These pumpkins were still a stretch for him. He would bend over, get it an inch off the ground and drop it with a heave. He even tried to roll it up his legs like the strong men do in their competitions. I said, "Let me clarify the rule, 'If you can carry it and it makes it to the car IN ONE PIECE, then you can have it." Finally, he found one that was just his size...barely! He carried it a little ways, stopped, put it down and took a break. Picked it up, go another two feet, stop for a break. Pick it up, go another foot and a half, break time yet again. I'm happy to report that he and his pumpkin made it to the car safely.
For Mary, picking her pumpkin involved much, much more! (like rediculously more!) It had to be just the right shade of orange, it had to be perfectly round, and the stem not too long but not too short, it had to be smooth, no bumps, and absolutely NO dirt on it whatsoever. (considering the birth place of a pumpkin, that one by far was our biggest challenge!) She walked around, touched, and picked up just about every single pumpkin! She critiqued them all. Needless to say, she was the last one to pick out her's. Mom and I said, "How about this one, Mary?" "Oh, I love this one." "Hey Mare, if I was going to get a pumpkin, I would definitely go for this one!" "This is IT, Mary! I found THE PERFECT ONE!" Finally, we resorted to, "Time to go home, Mare." With that said, she bent over, picked up the pumpkin that she was closest to and went on her way. (I don't know why I didn't think of that WAY sooner!)
Mikey didn't care about his manhood. Nor did he care about shape, color, stems, bumps, or dirt. He picked his out and was ready to go get an ice cream.

Emma followed Matt over to the monster pumkins. Only Emma would challenge her big brother to a strength test. We told her how strong she was and whisked her away to "baby pumpkin land" where she found one just her size.

And last but not least, our Annie...first of all, I don't know why she looks like Casper the friendly ghost in this picture but it was the only one I took of her and her pumpkin. When she entered the sea of pumpkins, she squealed, "BALL!!!!, BALL!" She found herself the tiniest pumpkin and was just delighted with it. She would only hang onto her pumpkin for a few seconds because she was aboslutely convinced it was a ball. She threw it, we would give it back to her, and say, "No Annie. This is a pump-kin, that's puh-m-p-kin." She'd throw it again. We would be standing there talking and shocker! there goes Annie's pumpkin rolling by. This afternoon, she threw it down the driveway and screamed, "BALL!" Let's just hope we've got her convinced before she plays her first basketball game.


Kris said...

Well, now, hasn't somebody been busy sprucing up her blog with a dandy of a new fall theme? Love it. And even more, loved the breakdown of everybody's day at the farm. ;) So fun!

Becky said...

Sprucin up like nutty! You can cast your vote under the vote post please.

DeAnna said...

Oh how cute are those pictures! I cannot believe how grown up Annie looks in the picture. I guess because we always talk about Annie being the baby that I forget that she is so grown up. Its so funny to see each of their personalities coming out in just pumpkin picking! :)

Anonymous said...

Annie also got into the piggies in a comical way as well. She was standing quite close to the fence when one of those filthy, dirty things walked up and started itching itself on the fence right next to her. Well, I have never seen Annie so tickled. She was belly-laughing right from her toes. She thought that was hilarious.
How about the llama with the ridiculous underbite....scarey! All I can say is....oh so very glad I don't have to live on a farm.

Becky said...

lol...Annie laughing at the pig. I've never heard her laugh like that. It did definatly come from her toes, just like you said, Mom. That was so funny! The poor pig merely had an itch and for some reason, Annie thought that was absolutely hysterical. Apparently, Annie doesn't think that piggies get itchies.

DeAnna, I thought it was so funny how their personalities came through, too... even in something as little as picking out a pumpkin. I would have to say that if someone was to blog how I picked out my pumpkin, I'd totally be in with Mikey. :o)