Jun 7, 2008

An Aunty and her other Niece

It was Allie's turn for a date last night. For our date, I had contacted the lady that had given our girls the horsey rides and asked if we could come pet the horses. I was so happy that she gave her approval. I picked up Allie and we went to dinner first. It had been a rainy, foggy day and I was hoping for some sunshine, but we never got any. When we arrived at the stable, there wasn't a person in sight. We walked around to the barn, and noticed a chain blocking the entrance. We stood there for a while wondering what to do. I said, "Well, we have permission. Let's go." So, we ducked under the chain and went in. From that moment on, the place turned haunted on us!

The first thing we heard was this long "mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow." I looked at Allie and she looked at me. One thing we did know was that horses don't say "meow." We heard it again. It sounded like it was dieing. It was this aweful, sick sound. I said, "Ok this is sort of creepy." We couldn't really see too far ahead in the barn, because it was so dark. We heard the haunting "meows" again, but didn't see anything. Pretty soon, a limping cat came around the corner. At first we felt bad for it, and then the thing was just bugging us. It wanted to be petted and since both of us are allergic, that wasn't gonna be happening...limp leg or not!

Don't let the cuteness fool you. She was creepy!

Because it was so dark in there, it took our eyes a little bit to get adjusted. When we first started looking in the stalls, we couldn't really see anything. And then all of a sudden, you'd see a big horse eyeball pop up. -took us a bit off guard at times.

We kept hearing weird "banging" sounds. (I think it was a horse kicking in his stall.) Then, we heard other "creaking sounds." (I think it was just the old barn.) Also, there were "echoing" noises. (I think it must have been the way the place was built) A car drove by. (I think it must have been a car that had some place to go.) Another creepy, scarey noise... (OK, now I was about ready to wet my pants.) At one point, I grabbed Allie, wrapped myself around her and said, "RUN!!!!" :o)

We ignored the noises for a bit, and went around to each stall petting the horses. Each of their names was on their stall door. It was fun reading them.

Clearly, this guy wasn't up for company.

Then, there were the extra friendly fellas who were wantin' some luvin'...

As we approached the end of the long line of the horse stalls, we heard a weird crunching sound. And this is what we saw:

This guy has had quite the time snacking on his entire wall. He completely ignored us, and continued slamming his huge, yellow, buck teeth into the wall and chewing. We just let him be. I think he had a rough day.

There were more creeking sounds, echoing bangs, and meowing. Suddenly, we heard high pitched squeaking...bats! That was the last straw for us...between the dark, spooky fog, scarey noises from within the stalls, "Gimpy the cat," bats, and a horse that was eating his way out, we were ready to leave.

As I was driving away, we saw a huge flock of geese crossing the road. I kiddingly joked with Allie, "Wanna hit some geese?" She laughed and shouted, "YEAH!" I said, "Alrighty, then" and gunned the car toward the geese. Allie shouted just like the shark on Nemo, "WE'RE HAVING GEESE TAAAANIGHT!!!" She made me laugh so hard.

Next, we went shopping. We were very tempted to buy a few items at the dollar store and go back to the stables, and dress up the horses. We saw baby bibs that read, "I love my mommy," sunglasses and fake orange hair that would have looked lovely on their tails... however we contained ourselves. Let me tell you, it was difficult when we found, grass skirts and coconut bras! Then, it was REALLY difficult when we saw hair removal. :o)

We put these medieval looking hats on. I said, "Ok, act really serious." We took the first picture and Allie said, "Oh, I think I smiled."

We took another. And she said, "Ohhhhhhh, I smiled again."

At this point, we were laughing, so trying to strike a serious face was a little difficult.

But we finally got it.

I hope you enjoyed our date to the haunted horse stables. :o) I loved every minute I was with you. I will always remember our night together.
I love you, funny girl!


Krissy said...

Lol, lol, lol!!! You girls are positively NUTS. I loved the pictures, especially the ones at the end. Look like you had quite an adventure. Wish I could have been there. Allie, you are SO FUN!

Trish said...

Hilarious, Beck! You are such a good and fun Auntie. This is obviously a night Allie will never forget! Thank you for taking the time to make a memory that will last forever. You're the best! I love you.

Becky said...

If you thought those last pictures were funny, imagine us standing in an aisle taking them over and over again with people around. :o) The picture that has consistently made me laugh out loud was the third one in the hats. Allie is trying so hard not to laugh.

T, trust me when I say this, I had just as much fun! :o) I loved going out with both girls.

Ok, Joshy-baby, your turn...where to? :o)

Mama said...

What I think is HA-larious in the pictures of you and Allie is the consistently stupid face you are making in every single shot. LOL!

Hate to tell ya Allie, but I still see a little tiny smirk on the right side of those cute lips of yours!!!

Wish I could have been in the aisle watching. I'm sure a few people were being entertained. :-)

Maggie said...

When is it my turn?!

DeAnna said...

Ha, Ha, Ha....... Beck, you have never looked more like Ricky Lake than in those pics. :) J/K So, I was thinking, maybe you could send your 3 girls down to me and I'll send mine up to you for a day, deal? I want to join in on the sharing girls fun. :)

Becky said...

DeAnna, Just for the Ricky Lake comment, YOU GET NUFFIN!!!!!!!! NUFFIN!!!!! I GET NUFFIN!!!!!

Maggie, now that you're walking, girly, you might qualify for shopping.
ps. let me know when you're in big girl undies, and it's a date! :o)