Jun 17, 2008

Cherish the Moments

I love talking to my Papa because he cherishes and values family. He will tell you what it was like growing up in the 1940's verses now. He will share with you that your children are the best investment you will ever make. Just by spending a few minutes with him, you will feel the warmth and love that naturally seems to flow out of this sweet man. You'll never be able to walk past him without getting a warm hug, or a special compliment just for you. You will never hear him utter one negative word about a family member. He is an encourager, an uplifter and the best listener. He makes me feel like my job as a mom is the most important job in the world. His children are his pride and joy, and he is theirs! He cherishes all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. His biggest example in life is the way he loved his wife. God called Grandma home to heaven last December. They celebrated 60 years of marriage together. I have always told him that he makes me look forward to growing old with my husband. Their love story is one that would make Cinderella jealous.

We invited Papa to spend a few nights here with us, and everyone of us thoroughly enjoyed his visit! Right now, I am sitting here missing him. We had a special night singing some songs together, and listening to his stories. He has such a way of captivating the kids...

His laughter is contagious.

It was nice to just sit and be snuggled by an expert "snuggler."

The next day, Papa took me and the boys fishing. It doesn't matter that he is 83 years old,

because when you're fishing with your great grandchildren,

it somehow makes you a feel like a little boy again...

Listening to the sounds of the flowing water and the birds chirping was relaxing. We didn't have to be constantly talking. It was just nice to know that someone who loves you is standing right by your side.

Our boys will never forget the memories that were made. They will never forget how important Great Papa made them feel, and the time that was spent with them.

And, I will always remember the advice given to me that these years of parenting will fly by faster than I could ever imagine, so, "Cherish every moment!"

You didn't know that I watched you while you slept last night with tears in my eyes, thanking God for you. You may never fully know the love I have for you, because it's indescribable. Thank you for loving your family so much that they learned to pass that love on. Thank you for making every one of us feel special by taking interest in what is important to us. God gave this family the best present by giving us you! We love you!!!


DeAnna said...

Oh how sweet, I have tears in my eyes just reading this because I know just how special this time is. I wish so badly my girls could have known my grandparents. What such a special blessing that your kids have such a wonderful great Papa to spend time with. They truly will treasure these times and pictures.

Kris said...

He truly is a gem. They just don't make men like him anymore. You can bet if I ever met someone with his qualities, I'd propose on the spot. He is so loving and so affirming. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives.

Katie said...

so did they cacht a fish?

Trish said...

He's such a wonderful grandpa. I have always felt overwhelming loved by him. What a precious time you guys had. It makes me want to go fishing!

K- I absolutely agree. They don't make many men like him anymore!

We are truly blessed to have him in our lives!