Jul 17, 2008

My Daddy's Hand

I like to take walks with my Daddy. He talks to me, and tells me how much he loves me. One time he asked me if I was ever going to get married. "Noooooooooooooooo," I giggled. My daddy is so silly. Sometimes when we're on our walks, he tells me how God is going to use me some day. I don't really understand what he is talking about, but I can tell it's important because he has tears in his eyes.

I love my Daddy!

"A father holds his daughter's hand only a little while, but forever in his heart."



Kris said...

I am so proud of you guys and the way you love one another. You are a beautiful example of how a Godly family should function.
Oh, and THANKS a million for the music on this one. If you thought I cried on Matt's first day of school, ya should have seen me reading this! I definitely went right straight into the "ugly cry."

Becky said...

Nothing like a little Jim Brickman to bring out the ugly cry.

Trish said...

Ok- sorry, who's Jim Brickman. Guess I need to hear the song! :) Send it my way someone.

Cute picture. It will be just a blink of an eye and she will be as big as Josh--well, maybe not that big!