Jul 22, 2008

My, Oh My, What a Wonderful Day!

Ice cream has a way of making any hot, sticky, humid day transform into a wonderful, delightful, cool summer day.

This little bird came right on over to join the party. He was looking for any little scrap or crumb that the kids might offer him. They weren't offering.

"Smile, kids!" (yeah, right, who wants to stop licking their cone and smile for a picture. Some of them gave a valiant effort.)

It was easy ordering when I stepped up to the window: "3 vanilla ice creams with rainbow sprinkles and 3 chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles." The oldest two are just like their mommy. They have come to full maturity in realizing that chocolate is superior to any dessert in this world. The word "vanilla" just plain ole makes me mad. It's gaggingly gross. I hate that white stuff!

And you can just forget about the motherly duty of "licking down the cone, so it doesn't get all over my poor child's hand."

It just ain't happening.


Kris said...

Lol on the song. As I recall, I was on the phone with you while Annie was having a hard time licking down her cone and when I volunteered to help her out if she should encounter the same problem while I was home, she not-so-politely declined. I believe her exact words were "Uhhhhhhh, it not too big fo me, Mommy. . . "

Becky said...

Don't tread where you're not welcome. - a wise old Chinese proverb.

(ok, fine! so I just made it up)

liz said...

I'm always ready to help with the vanilla cones!!! Maggie was eyeing it too!!