Jul 12, 2008

A Silly Night

Who in the world invented silly string? What would trigger the human mind to stuff string in a can and call it "silly?"
What next...
"ridiculous rope?"

Well, whoever it is, may I say a hardy, "thank you" for our very silly, fun-filled evening!

Annie opted out of the silly string silliness, and sat on the sidelines, thinking about her strategy. She didn't sit long when all of a sudden, she had a lightbulb moment. She summoned her daddy's help, and the war was on!

Clean up was a breeze! Joel yelled, "Whoever brings me the biggest, silly string ball gets a brownie." And hot-diggity! I was in the game!

And the winner of the silly string ball rolling contest is....MATTHEW. *one person clapping, very slowly*
But hey! don't forget! around here, we're all winners. Let's all say the family fun night motto... "If we all had fun, then we all won." Yee-ha! Brownies for all!

5 cans of silly string -$5.00
One box of brownie mix - $1.00
Family fun night filled with memories - Priceless. :o)


Mama said...

What terrific action shots!! The one of Mary is so funny. OK when I get home I propose a girls vs guys game. We'll wait for Kristy, get the Hutts over and have a good ole' time. We could adapt "capture the flag" rules to suit the silly string. Whoever gets "HIT" goes to prison.
I'll bring the brownies....;-D

Kris said...

Oh, how fun. Amazing how entertaining a can of silly string can be to a family of mountain dwellers. You guys make it to civilization often now that "the pass is open?" Ha ha. . .

Trish said...

Love the picture of Mary getting "plastered". It makes me want to go get a can. Anyone for silly string?

Just had an idea, Beck----for VBS (how far can you shoot the silly string-for one of the events!!)

LOL- K-- you so funny!

DeAnna said...

Fun! Love the pictures, the one of Mary in the midst of being attacked is the best. :) And you're right, what a great invention.... next thing you know they will put cheese in a can. :) And LOL to your sister's comment above.

Becky said...

By the way, Kristine, we mountain folk do get out...just yesterday, pa hitched up the wagon and took us into town for the county square dance, so there!

Trish said...

Did you say....brownies, Mom? :) (missed that the first time)

Kris said...

Did you give each of the children a shiny red penny to buy some candy from the mercantile? How did you fare in the pie baking contest? Did Joel win a blue ribbon for any of his prize winning pumpkins?