Aug 8, 2008

Whose 60?

Could this adorable, little girl really be 60 years old?

My sweet Mommy turned 60. God has blessed me with a mother who invested her life into being a Godly mom. She has spent countless hours in the car taking us to and from school, back and forth to basketball or volleyball games, friend's houses, shopping, making meals, doing dishes, washing clothes, but what makes her so special, is that in the midst of all the "to do's" she had on her list, she always listened. She would drop anything she was doing to talk, encourage, listen or just let us share with her our silliness. (ie, our many goofy skits that she was in the audience for.) She applauded our every little accomplishment, whether it was going down the slide for the first time or making a snowman. She made each of us feel individually special. She cared enough to tell us when we made wrong friends. She loved and forgave our mistakes. She taught us that a life surrendered to God is a life that God can use. My mom is the one that I look up to in my mothering. She is the one I turn to for advice, and the one who is always encouraging me in my walk with the Lord. Thank you for being not just "a mom," but my friend. I love you, Mommy, and I'm so proud to be able to call you "my Mom."

These past few weeks have been packed full of fun and making memories. I'll share a few pictures here.

One of my favorite pics. :o)

Sweet Daddy moments....

Look at the grin on Annie's face! Complete trust, complete joy!

Dad took the kids blueberry picking one morning. They quickly pooped out after picking about a dixie cup full of blueberries. Dad's blueberry picking stamina lasted way longer. We'll be having blueberry muffins till the year 2013!

My sweet boy, growing up way too quickly!

It has been wonderful having Krissy home for a few days. (although it's never long enough) Our family is whole when she is here. It makes me sad when I walk in her room, and see the empty closet, the bed all made and the vacuume marks still in the carpet. She fills our home with so much joy and happiness. When we dropped her off at the airport today, little Annie was frantically trying to work herself out of her carseat. When she couldn't get it, she yelled, "Sum-buddies, help me! I need to go with Aunny Kwissy!" I turned around and explained to her that she couldn't go on the airplane because Aunty Krissy lives far away. It's never fun to drive off, leaving your loved one with their suitcase on the sidewalk of an airport. I rolled down the windows as we drove away so everyone could yell their "goodbyes and I love you's" one last time. Suddenly, little Annie could bare it no more. She burst into tears and said, "Now, I have no fwend!!!!!" I turned around to look at her. She had her fists shoved in her eyes, and was crying her little eyes out. We miss you, Krissy!

Last night, after a thunderstorm, God gave us this to look at:

Just breathtaking! We have so much to be thankful for!


Trish said...

You couldn't have summarized Mom more perfectly. That's exactly the kind of Mom she was and is! I love her so much. What a fun day that was!

Great picture of Emma and the butterfly! :)

DeAnna said...

Oh what all kinds of sweet thoughts and so much to be thankful for indeed. I have to also say that I never realized (maybe because of the hair color) how much Krissy looks like your mom. All the pictures are just great!!

Krissy said...

Such sweet memories. We are so blessed to have such a great mother. I miss you guys already. Eat some blueberries for me. XOXO!